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A new digital service to transform engineering in the CPI

| By Chemical Engineering



This company’s Advanced Modelling and Simulation (AMS) service can help engineers to make better-informed decisions at an earlier stage, maximizing efficiency and reliability, reducing risks and optimizing operating costs (OPEX). Users can now virtually visualize heat- and fluid-flow scenarios that were merely speculated before. Building on the latest digital techniques and computer-aided engineering (CAE) solutions, the AMS service is enabled by the powerful fluid-flow simulation platform TransAT, which delivers multi-dimensional, transient flow-process predictions. TransAT is a versatile fluid-flow simulation platform using smart technology for multi-dimensional meshing, and is particularly suitable for multiphase flows with complex physics. Furthermore, advanced simulations are, in some critical cases, the only way to understand key phenomena that control the processes, says the company. — Pöyry Oyj, Vantaa, Finland