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New drug-discovery collaboration expands synthesis capabilities

| By Mary Bailey

Torx Software Ltd. (Litlington, Cambridgeshire, U.K.) announced a collaboration with CDD Vault to facilitate the seamless synthesis and registration of new compounds during the small-molecule drug discovery process.

Torx is a cloud-based platform developed by Cresset and Elixir Software, which enables chemistry teams to collaborate, design molecules, and track compound synthesis across the design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) cycle. CDD Vault is a hosted data management system for chemical registration and secure storage of scientific data. The optional integration of Torx and CDD Vault creates an automated, shared digital ecosystem. This enables the rapid transfer of data between platforms and allows users to access the information they need without switching contexts. 

Data acquired and used in Torx can be seamlessly transferred and stored in CDD Vault, for optimum efficiency and security. Integration with CDD Vault can be initiated with any or all of the Torx modules, enabling chemists and managers to easily interact with CDD Vault data across the DMTA process enhancing efficiency and decision-making. 

Commenting on the collaboration Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO of CDD Vault said: “CDD Vault is a whole solution for drug discovery informatics structure-activity relationship (SAR)management differentiated via ease-of-adoption and scalable data partitioning capabilities. We believe in the value of collaboration and building an ecosystem of software partners that together can better serve our customers. CDD Vault’s integration with Torx, a leading platform for drug design and synthesis, will enable a more efficient drug discovery data workflow.”

Dr. Tim Cheeseright, CEO of Torx Software added: “Torx is an unrivaled DMTA solution for managing the complete molecule life-cycle in a single platform, from ideation to synthesis, testing, and data analysis. By integrating Torx with CDD Vault, users can streamline their processes enabling them to use the latest data in design or synchronize test requests with stored assays.”

One company set to benefit from this is Evariste, an AI-first biotech that has built an automated platform to accelerate the pre-clinical stages of drug discovery. Evariste operates virtually, with no internal laboratories, and uses CROs for all synthesis. They are in the process of integrating their Torx Make instance with CDD Vault, which will further enhance their efficiencies as they look to accelerate the drug discovery process.

Collating registration data in Torx enables chemists to review and approve molecule syntheses before automatic deposition in CDD Vault through API integration. This enables chemists to work efficiently in a single application while collecting detailed DMTA metrics and data. 

Anna Hercot, CEO of Evariste commented: “Expanding our use of Torx by integrating it with CDD Vault will be of great benefit to our virtual modeling platform, helping us reach and register target molecules more quickly.”