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A new family of mixers adapts for each application

| By Chemical Engineering


The new Salomix family (photo) is designed to operate in demanding applications in various industries. The combination of maximum propeller efficiency and optimum agitator selection will reduce the overall power consumption of the mixing application significantly. The new Salomix family is a versatile mixer range of modular design that offers the right agitator option for each specific application. The Salomix side-mounted agitators meet the process requirements in a wide range of industries and applications where clean and slightly contaminated liquids, viscous liquids, as well as fibrous and other slurries, are agitated. The Salomix side-mounted agitator family includes SSF gear-driven agitators, SSA belt-driven agitators and SLR/STR gear-driven agitators. — Sulzer AG, Winterthur, Switzerland