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New gas-mix software eliminates flowmeter recalibration

| By Chemical Engineering

Sierra Instruments

Sierra Instruments

This company’s QuadraTherm 640i/780i thermal mass flowmeters (photo) now come equipped with new gas-mixing software, called qMix. The qMix software is a user-customizable gas-mix feature that allows engineers and operators to create custom gas mixtures to compensate for gas compositional changes in the field without accuracy loss. Since engineers can create and upload unlimited gas mixtures onto a single meter, recalibration costs are avoided, as there is no need to send units back to the factory if the gas composition changes. QuadraTherm meters have an accuracy of±0.5% of reading above 50% of full scale for flowmeter air measurement and other gases, and built-in flow conditioning in the inline version. These meters also have high turndown capabilities to handle low and high flows during upset conditions. — Sierra Instruments, Monterey, Calif.