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A new generation of liquid-concentration analyzers

| By Chemical Engineering



The new LiquiSonic V10 (photo) is an inline analytical solution for determining the concentration of process liquids. The sensors and controllers of the new V10 generation have advanced technological components, functional design and valuable features that increase user benefits, says the manufacturer. The sensor design includes a new electronics enclosure, which is characterized by increased compactness and maximum robustness. The use of the latest technology allows even more precise and faster measurement and improved repeatability. The V10 sensors use less energy and meet the increased requirements on energy efficiency and environmental protection. For use in hazardous areas, the V10 sensors are ATEX-, IECEx- and FM-certified, while other V10 sensor types are 3-A certified for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. — SensoTech GmbH, Magdeburg–Barleben, Germany