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A new generation of valve positioners

| By Chemical Engineering


At Valve World Expo (Düsseldorf, Germany; November 27–29), this company introduced two new positioners from the Series 3730: Trovis 3730-1 and Trovis 3730-3. The new positioners (photo) for 4–20-mA applications combine the latest technological developments with the proven device base known from the Type 3730-1 and Type 3730-3 predecessor models. Both positioners are particularly rugged thanks to their no-wear, non-contact travel-sensing system. Two inductive-limit contacts are available to reliably indicate both valve end positions. At the same time, the positioners’ air consumption has been reduced considerably by upgrading the pneumatics block. The 3730-3 communicates over the HART 7 protocol and comes with the proven EXPERTplus valve diagnostics with optimized features. To facilitate operation, the positioners are fitted with a plain-text display that indicates the condensed state according to Namur, measured values, start-up settings, as well as messages in English or German. The 3730-3 is additionally ready for interconnection with Sam Chemicals, the cloud-based business application for the process industry. — Samson AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany