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New heat-exchanger plates fortreating viscous media

| By Chemical Engineering

Kelvion Holding

Kelvion Holding

The new NW150L stainless-steel heat-exchanger plates (photo) complement this company’s range of heat-exchanger plates for viscous and particle-containing media by introducing this new product line for the lower operating range. The NW models have a wider plate gap than those in the NT series, which enables efficient heat treatment of viscous media and of liquids containing particle diameters up to 5 mm, all with a very small pressure drop. In addition, the extremely wide herringbone plate corrugation, with a gap width of 10 mm, assures highly turbulent flow at all points of the plate, which in turn counters fouling. Application areas for these plates are the production of bioethanol, industrial wastewater treatment and petrochemical processing. — Kelvion Holding GmbH, Bochum, Germany