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New high-volume granulation equipment improves yield

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

By combining the HSM 2000 X.ONE high-shear mixer and FBE 1800 X.ONE fluidized-bed units, this company has introduced the new GT 1600 X.ONE (photo), an advanced granulation system for high-volume batch production. The GT 1600 X.ONE eliminates some of the shortcomings of conventional granulation approaches, such as large equipment footprints, long processing times and low yields. The GT 1600 X.ONE features an efficient Z-shaped impeller to ensure optimum material flow and improved uniformity. To assist with effective discharge and cleanability, a compressed-air system enhances the reliability of the discharge valve seal, and a bag-type mechanical shaking filter on the fluidized bed offers a more effective product retention and higher yields compared with alternative blowback style systems. Transfer of the wet granulated material into the fluidized bed is also optimally configured through the selection of a tangential charge port, ensuring effective product transfer and a consistently repeatable drying operation. — ACG Engineering, Piscataway, N.J.