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A new name for new and refurbished IBCs

| By Yelena Shamis



This company’s Ecobulk intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) have been widely used in the industry. The modular design enables them to be configured to suit numerous requirements, including: providing special protection for highly permeable filling products; meeting the high hygiene standards for foods; or customizing for deployment in high-bay racking systems. The modular design of the Ecobulk is also a decisive factor in complete recyclability, providing economical and ecological efficiency. In order to make the close link between originality and quality instantly visible on its reconditioned IBCs, the company has launched a new brand name: Recobulk. Both packaging versions now have Ecobulk/Recobulk embossed on the label plate in order to document the recyclability of both products. — Schütz GmbH & Co. KGaA, Selters, Germany