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A new PAT technique for realtime particle analysis

| By Chemical Engineering

Relative Backscatter Index (RBI) is a new process analytical technology (PAT) technique that indicates how particle size, shape and concentration changes in real time under actual process conditions. Unlike turbidity measurements, which lack sensitivity and can be difficult to interpret, RBI is an image-based measurement that utilizes realtime microscopy to accurately determine particle system reflectivity in-process. RBI is used to study changes in particle size, shapeMT wordcloud and concentration. Automatically combined with high-resolution, realtime microscopy images, RBI provides a simple, yet informative, process measurement that can be used to understand, optimize and control complex particle systems. RBI is now available to users of this company’s ParticleView 19 with PVM (particle vision and measurement) technology. — Mettler Toledo, Greifensee, Switzerland