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New platform makes warehouses safer than ever

| By Mary Page Bailey

Amesphere is a proprietary “safety as a service” platform designed to help companies handle safety in complex work environments in warehouses and logistics centers. The platform was first launched last month at the ProMAT Expo. Amesphere includes services for vehicle-person and vehicle-vehicle collision avoidance; realtime data collection and processing; objective and qualitative analysis of safety and efficiency; and dedicated reporting tools. Consistent software and firmware updates, remote technical support and a multi-year subscription formula make the service the first and only of its kind, says the company. The system consists of three devices interconnected via Bluetooth: a sensor, tablet and a wearable device worn by workers. Local Positioning System technology detects an operator’s position relative to a vehicle with more reliable and accurate performance than any other collision-avoidance system, according to the manufacturer. This allows the system to intervene only when the level of risk is objectively high, thereby avoiding false alarms. — Advanced Microwave Engineering S.r.l., Firenze, Italy