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New pump-sealing system supports leakage-prevention standards

| By Mary Page Bailey

GS 54 is a new sealing support system following API Plan 54 standard for leakage prevention. Designed to fit a wide range of challenging, dual-pressurized seal applications, the new GS 54 system uses best-practice design to provide clean, cooled and filtered barrier fluid, optimal seal performance and pump up-time. In technically challenging processes where reliability is a prerequisite, the GS 54 support system provides a standard solution, removing avoidable complexity from the design and selection process. The new system is designed to minimize footprint and process obstruction. It features a system reservoir that provides a nominal volume of 30 gal (114 L) of barrier fluid and a filter housing with 10-m filter elements, as well as a shell-and-tube, water-cooled heat exchanger. — John Crane, Chicago, Ill.