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New pumps for handling flammable chemicals

| By Chemical Engineering

GoatThroat Pumps

GoatThroat Pumps

The SCP Series of pumps (photo) for Class 1 and 2 flammable liquids is designed to minimize hazards associated with transferring flammable or combustible chemicals, such as alcohols, solvents and volatile hydrocarbons. SCP pumps allow for spill-free, environmentally safe transfer with no chance for vapors and VOCs to escape the container. This significantly reduces the chance of an ignition event. The pump features a grounding wire and a bonding wire, and is made of conductive plastic, allowing users of flammable liquids to ground the pumps, making them safe for use with Class 1 and 2 flammable materials. All pump components that come into contact with the fluid are created with conductive polypropylene, so there is grounding of the liquid and the pump. These pumps also meet the requirements of NFPA 77, which requires that the path to ground must prevent the accumulation of static electricity in conductive equipment. — GoatThroat Pumps, Milford, Conn.