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Chemical Engineering

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A new range of pumps for laboratory use

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

This company has introduced three new models to its Laboport series of laboratory pumps — the N 96, N 820 G and N 840 G (photo). These new diaphragm pumps expand upon the Laboport pump design with oil-free, non-contaminating, chemically resistant construction, as well as speed-controlled d.c. motors for greater versatility. N 820 G and N 840 G models include an integrated gas-ballast valve to facilitate short process times, even for high-boiling solvents. The smooth, rounded surfaces of all three pumps enable thorough cleaning. Compared to similar pumps, these new models are said to offer a 10–20% footprint reduction to and a 5–30% weight reduction for improved portability. The two larger pumps are expandable into custom vacuum systems by connecting an optional separator or condenser module. Maximum flowrates for the new series range from 7–34 L/min. Applications include rotary evaporation, degassing, filtration, fluid aspiration, gel drying, centrifugal concentration, vacuum ovens and more. — KNF Neuberger, Inc., Trenton, N.J.