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New silicone tubing eliminates particulate shedding

| By Chemical Engineering

New Age Industries

New Age Industries

AdvantaSil High Pressure unreinforced silicone tubing (photo) is designed to deliver increased flowrates and reduce processing time. The tubing’s unreinforced characteristic allows for limited pumpability up to 30 psi backpressure and makes it easier to see process fluids. AdvantaSil High Pressure is suitable for single-use applications, such as inline integrity testing of filtration assemblies and high-volume fluid transfer, although it is not limited only to disposable applications. The tubing handles short-run peristaltic pump applications requiring 30 psi backpressure, and most sizes offer full vacuum capability. Because the tubing does not contain braid reinforcement, particulate shedding that can occur when cutting braided hose is eliminated. AdvantaSil High Pressure silicone tubing operates with temperatures ranging from –65 to 400°F (–53.9 to 204.4°C). The platinum silicone tubing is sterilizable by autoclave or gamma irradiation, and is available in five diameter sizes from 1/4 through 1 in. — New Age Industries, Inc., Southampton, Pa.