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This new software streamlines logistics operations

| By Chemical Engineering


Dok-Vu is a paperless software system for managing logistics operations (photo). The new software virtually eliminates the need for spreadsheets and two-way radios, connecting managers, materials handlers, yard personnel and carriers in real time. It allows users to get an at-a-glance status on every dock and trailer, while enabling carriers to avoid lines by checking themselves in and out and receiving text alerts on unload status. Managers using Dok-Vu can oversee appointments, monitor dwell times, and help keep docks fully utilized, gaining better control of charges, labor costs and shipping accuracy. Thanks to its intuitive loading-dock dashboard, Dok-Vu also allows managers to review current trends and historical data to make more data-driven decisions and help identify operational improvement opportunities. — Rite-Hite Corp., Milwaukee, Wis.