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New solid lubricant reduces static and friction

| By Mary Bailey

Chevron Phillips

Chevron Phillips

Tribex ERD is a specialized dry lubricant, which, unlike most liquid or dry lubricants, can be used in oil- or water-based fluid systems. Designed for use in extended-reach drilling, the multifunctional additive reduces static and dynamic friction and high temperature/high pressure fluid loss. Further, its proprietary formula has demonstrated an efficient sealing capacity while reducing torque variability, says the manufacturer. In field tests using Tribex ERD as a replacement of two common liquid lubricants,  trial data showed a 67% reduction in lubricant needed to achieve the same performance. Tribex ERD improved torque values compared to both common liquid lubricants at lower cost and enabled an increase in drilling optimization and performance while lowering overall lubricant spend. The cost impacts of extended-reach drilling include reductions in drilling efficiency and lateral length associated with rig limiting torque and rate of tool failure due to downhole vibration. — Drilling Specialties Company, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., The Woodlands, Tex.