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A new valve series for extreme conditions

| By Chemical Engineering

ARCA_ReglerThe new 190 Series (photo) of control and shutoff valves features dye-forged pressure-containing parts (valve housing and bonnet), guaranteeing a homogeneous material structure without any discontinuities. Such microscopic defects, which are very difficult to prevent and to evaluate, especially on cast materials, may lead to incipient cracks under hard mechanical or thermal alternating load and, subsequently, early failure of the valve. The valve trims are compatible with the Ecotrol system, which offers easy maintenance with an exchangeable, clamped seat ring. That means there is no seat thread requiring special tools. Parabolic or perforated plugs are available in a wide range of rated flow coefficients. The valves are delivered with butt-weld ends per EN 12627 or ASME B16.25, with pipe outer diameters from 33.7 to 76.1 mm. Optionally, socket-weld end or threaded connections are available. — ARCA Regler GmbH, Tönisvorst, Germany