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A new version of this piping-system design software

| By Chemical Engineering

tahoeworldcloudLaunched in March, HydroFlo 3 is the latest version of this popular piping-system design software. With HydroFlo, pumped, gravity and re-circulating flow systems, conveying any type of liquid, can be modeled and solved for their steady-state flows and pressures. This new version expands system capacities, provides additional editing features and improves analysis results and pump-curve plotting. The new Pipe Schedule Editor enables the creation, editing, importing and exporting of pipe schedules using both standard English and metric/SI nominal diameters. HydroFlo can communicate with PumpBase, the company’s pump-selection software. Once HydroFlo determines a pump’s operating parameters, the data can be sent to PumpBase for selecting optimal pumps. PumpBase can then send the selected pump curves back to HydroFlo for use in a conveyance-system design. — Tahoe Design Software, Nevada City, Calif.