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A new way to calibrate ultrasonic flowmeters

| By Chemical Engineering

AperCal is a new calibration rig for this company’s clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters (photo). This new offering enables flowmeter users to conduct autonomous calibrations at their own sites. Typically, calibration consists of a comparison of the device under test with a reference instrument on a wet-flow calibration rig. However, the flow profile in every flow rig is influenced by pipe characteristics and installation conditions, leading to uncertainty. The patented, traceable aperture-calibration method eliminates uncertainties by defining the calibration process on the basics of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement according to the transit-time principle. AperCal produces the same effect, without flow, through defined displacement of the transducers. This reduces the calibration procedure to the measurement of length and time, both of which can be performed with high levels of precision. — Flexim GmbH, Berlin, Germany