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Novozymes and WWF to collaborate on water sustainability goals

| By Mary Bailey

Novozymes A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark;) has announced that the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) will help the company to reach its sustainability goals on water. Novozymes has a global presence with factories in Denmark, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, India and China. To produce its biological solutions, energy and water is needed.

Starting in China, WWF will help Novozymes assess water risks and develop contextual water targets and action plans at the sites where Novozymes operates. 

“We will develop our water programs in close collaboration with WWF to make sure that our use of water is in balance with local conditions,” says Graziela Chaluppe dos Santos Malucelli, Executive Vice President of Operations, Supply & Quality. 

 “It is not enough to be a clean fish in a dirty pond. We want to improve the whole pond,” Graziela says. “This is why, we are adopting a contextual approach to water in Novozymes. We will focus on what matters locally and help our communities, and I am happy that we enter this partnership with WWF to do so.”

Water is a scarce resource, and in some regions people already suffer. The UN has made Clean Water and Sanitation one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in 2015 Novozymes made the SDGs a part of its strategy. Novozymes’ water programs aim to support SDG number 6.

“In Novozymes, we are working to deliver biological solutions that enable clean and efficient water use. This makes it only natural that we pioneer a new approach to secure water resources,” Graziela explains.    

WWF has offices in China that have been implementing water stewardship projects on the ground for ten years. 

“Our world is running out of fresh water, inflicting loads of troubles in the future for both nature and man. WWF’s water risk methodology uses nature’s own forces to secure more – and cleaner – water for all organisms in the entire water basins in which large companies operate. I am happy that WWF and Novozymes will now work together to reduce the company’s water impact and help restore sustainable ecosystems and water resources in China to the benefit of nature, local people and Novozymes’ business, says Bo Øksnebjerg, Secretary General and CEO at WWF Denmark”

WWF partners with governments, businesses, international financial institutions and communities to ensure healthy freshwater systems exist to conserve wildlife and provide a sustainable future for all. 

“These partnerships combined with the deep knowledge and understanding of water systems makes WWF a very strong partner for us,” says Graziela.