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One machine to mix, coat and even dry granulates

| By Chemical Engineering



Up to now, the Pegasus Vacuum Coater (photo) has been used for producing granular and extruded products. Now, a new application for the Pegasus is being introduced: the drying of a variety of ingredients at low temperatures. Because liquids boil at lower temperatures under vacuum, the vacuum coater can be used to dry heat-sensitive materials to retain taste, color and functional activity of substances, such as vitamins, minerals, flavors and enzymes. The new drying function can be combined, in a single process step, with other functions of the Pegasus, such as applying and impregnating liquids into dyes, additives, extruded plastics and chemicals, as well as for blending of powders, pellets and granules. — Dinnissen BV, Sevenum, the Netherlands