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Ozinga Energy and Ingevity announce adsorbed natural gas vehicle partnership

| By Mary Bailey

Ingevity Corp. (North Charleston, S.C.) and Ozinga Energy have announced a partnership to begin a field demonstration of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) bi-fuel pickup trucks. Developed by Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc. and Ingevity, the ANG system is made possible by the unique performance of Ingevity’s Nuchar activated carbon that significantly lowers the natural gas storage pressure, reduces the system’s complexity and captures the environmental benefits and cost savings of natural gas when used as a transportation fuel.

Ozinga Energy has purchased an ANG-equipped Ford F-150 and installed a dedicated, low-pressure fueling appliance at its headquarters in Mokena, Illinois. Already a strong supporter of alternative fuels, a large majority of Ozinga’s fleet of concrete trucks operate on compressed natural gas (CNG). The company provides public-access CNG fueling for heavy-duty trucks at six stations throughout Illinois and California, and plans to evaluate the ANG technology to further expand their alternative fuel strategy to their fleet of light-duty trucks.

Ozinga Energy joins a growing number of U.S. natural gas utilities and private commercial fleets to pilot ANG-equipped vehicles. SoCalGas (of Sempra Energy) in California and Atlanta Gas Light in Georgia announced demonstration fleets in 2019.

ANG enables a natural gas fueling solution for light-duty vehicles like pickup trucks, SUVs and service vans, a segment that has traditionally been underserved by alternative fuel options. ANG is 50% less costly to operate than a gasoline-only vehicle; increases natural gas usage for a gas utility by over 60%; and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 25% compared to similar gasoline- and diesel-equipped vehicles. Data from existing ANG field demonstrations and Ingevity’s own employee driver program continues to showcase the simplicity of fueling with low-pressure ANG appliances and highlights the value the technology brings to the light-duty segment.

“ANG allows Ozinga Energy to further our commitment to green fleet technologies and benefit from additional fuel savings for our light-duty trucks,” said Jeff Bonnema, vice president of fleet management at Ozinga. “We are excited to demonstrate the value of ANG and are also interested in adding more ANG trucks to our light-duty fleet, as well as the potential for future alternative-fuel growth opportunities for our business.”

“We continue to focus on building our ANG pilot programs to develop a strong network of early-adopter fleets across the country,” said Ed Woodcock, executive vice president and president, Performance Materials at Ingevity. “Ozinga Energy is an important member of a growing portfolio of natural gas utility and commercial fleet owners seeking alternative fuel options for the underserved light-duty fleet market. We are excited to be partnering with Ozinga.”