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A particle analyzer for nano-scale identification

| By Yelena Shamis

Fluid Imaging Technologies

Fluid Imaging Technologies

The new FlowCam Nano particle analyzer features Nano-Flow particle-imaging technology that provides digital images of particles ranging in size from 300 nm to 30µm (photo). The system automatically reveals protein agglomerates, silicon oil droplets, glass shards and other opaque, transparent and translucent sub-visible particles with the high-resolution imagery needed for identification. Particle analyzers based on light obscuration, dynamic light scattering, Brownian motion or the Coulter Principle are unable to image these particles and allow for their identification. In addition, the FlowCam Nano may serve as a valuable companion to USP 788 compliance testing methods for particulate matter by documenting the presence and type of nano-scale particles, which may cause failed test results. The FlowCam particle imaging and analysis family of instruments now encompasses six models engineered to analyze particles ranging from 300 nm to 5 mm in size. — Fluid Imaging Technologies, Scarborough, Maine