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This particle analyzer measures over 30 different parameters

| By Chemical Engineering

Fluid Imaging Technologies

Fluid Imaging Technologies

The FlowCam 8100 particle imaging and analysis system (photo) features this company’s most advanced camera with the fastest imaging speed and double the image-capture area to increase throughput and detection rates. Imaging at up to 120 frames per second, the FlowCam 8100 automatically detects thousands of individual particles and microorganisms in seconds, takes a high-resolution digital image of each one detected and measures them in realtime based on their actual size and shape. Sampling volumes as small as 200µL, the FlowCam 8100 measures more than 30 different parameters, including particle size, concentration and advanced morphological characteristics such as circularity, elongation and fiber curl. The FlowCam 8100 includes a computer-controlled syringe pump, a quick-connect field of view (FOV) flow cell with holder and an integrated pipette-based sample port with automated rinsing and cleaning. — Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc., Scarborough, Maine