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Accelerating digital transformation with software-defined everything

The promise of digitization: The race to make digital transformation a beneficial reality

The urgent need for simplification, flexibility, and faster-time-to-market has accelerated digital transformation across all sectors. Indeed, there is a race to come out on top as the COVID pandemic, supply chain challenges, new consumer behaviors, and unstable market dynamics have quickly — and perhaps forever — changed industry as we know, or knew, it.

One of the biggest motivators behind digitization is undoubtedly the need for efficiency and sustainability. The imperative to limit the global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is more than ever tied with the future of many businesses. “It has never been more visible that resource efficiency and energy sobriety boost the company’s profitability” said Peter Weckesser, Chief Digital Officer of Schneider Electric.

Why is digital transformation the key? The journey toward sustainability is the combination of two elements. One is the decarbonization of the processes, where electrification of assets and green energy supply play a central role. The other is achieving higher efficiency at all levels through smart operations enabled by digital transformation initiatives at different levels in the company. These initiatives can include multiple goals like setting the right structure to drive digital operations, having a balanced set of skills and digital talent within the organization and evolving the processes with digital technologies so that they drive the expected level of efficiency, agility, and resiliency.