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Looking for ways to step up your petrochemical and polymer production?

| By Chemical Engineering

As in every application in the chemicals industry, there is no room for compromise when it comes to petrochemical and polymer production. Not just in terms of safety and product purity, but also when it comes to non-stop performance. This is why we at ANDRITZ are determined to constantly work on our product portfolio and develop new solutions with our customers – alongside improving proven machines and processes.

Comprehensive expertise in dewatering, drying, service, and automation. The ability to tailor the most reliable technology brands in the business to your specific requirements. As a longtime provider of separation solutions to the largest producers of PVC, PC, HDPE, BPA, Melamin, PET, PMMA, ABS, and more, we have the knowledge and equipment it takes to ensure non-stop, reliable performance for any type of application.  


We begin with your needs and help you select the optimum solution from our broad range of separation technologies and services, including vacuum and pressurized drum filters, filter and belt presses, decanter centrifuges, filtering centrifuges (pusher, peeler), separators, drying/cooling systems, and more. And ANDRITZ also has the capability to offer mechanical separation and drying as one package. To date, petrochemical and polymer producers have installed more than 1,000 of our machines and many of them are still running 24/7 after over 40 years in operation.  

For a tailored approach, our separation specialists can further refine and test your solution on-site or in our own state-of-the-art test centers. This means we can recommend and optimize the right solution for each process step – from solvent recovery to solidification, cooling, and more – to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure continuous performance for the lifetime of every investment. 

Thanks to the global network of 550 service specialists for solid/liquid separation equipment and systems as well as service centers all around the world, ANDRITZ is on hand to ensure its customers’ investments always deliver the maximum value. Our separation specialists also maintain close collaboration with customers in the field to continuously optimize moisture content, particle size, and mechanical reliability. Our on-site experience gives you a complete life cycle of reliable results. In addition to readily available OEM parts, process optimizations, testing capabilities, and much more, ANDRITZ also offers a wide range of automation tools. When it comes to automation and process control, the Metris addIQ control systems combine all of ANDRITZ’s extensive operation, troubleshooting, and start-up experience in one tailored solution. With the broad portfolio of scalable automation solutions, applicable over a wide range of tasks including predictive maintenance, process monitoring, troubleshooting, and long-term trending, ANDRITZ can help to profit from the opportunities that come with digitalization: risk minimization, efficiency increase, and profit maximization – all from a single source.

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