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Wet process analyzer for FPD and solar cell manufacturing for semi-conductors

| By Chemical Engineering


Wet process analyzer for FPD and solar cell manufacturing for semi-conductors

Industry leader
With years of experience and thousands of process monitoring installations, ABB is the leading supplier of fiber optic-based spectrometers to the semiconductor industry.

ABB’s solution has the long-term stability required for end-of-bath alarms, and for enabling effective closed-loop chemical dosing for trend
analysis. The features on our analyzer are exactly what process control engineers across many industries have requested for the last 15 years.

Customers install the ABB solution because it is:

  • cost effective for multiple tools and multiple bath compositions;
  • tailored to fit end-user needs;
  • easy to operate, install and maintain;
  • a completely non-intrusive sampling design that prevents bath contamination.

Wet process analyzer
The FTPA2000-SC series wet process analyzer (WPA) measures up to eight baths. The baths can be on single or multiple tools and of the same or different chemistries. It can be mounted anywhere within 100 m (328 ft) of the baths and communicates with the tools using Modbus®, Ethernet or isolated 4 to 20 mA analog outputs. The WPA generates trend charts, predicted properties, bath alarms and health alarms.

Additional product lines

Laboratory analyzers
The same calibrations used with the WPA may be used on our MB series analyzers for use in the laboratory or in the clean room near the process. In addition to measuring wet chemicals, the MB series’ wide range of sampling accessories makes it the perfect tool for measuring wafer surfaces for hydrogen, interstitial oxygen, carbon, organic material and many other surface properties.

IPA dryer analyzer
The ABB IPA dryer monitor measures IPA in nitrogen dryers. Extremely fast and reliable IPA concentration measurements mean an end to production loss due to residue spots.

The WPA sample interface is a unique cell that has no wetted parts. It is easy to install – just clip it on to an existing ½ or ¾ in (1.27 or 1.91 cm) PVA tube. It is constructed of Teflon® and connected to the WPA via Teflon-protected optical cables. This prevents bath contamination.

Custom calibration models
In addition to the chemical baths mentioned, ABB offers custom calibration development services. The WPA can be used to monitor almost every wet chemical bath used today. Furthermore, end users have the option of creating their own calibration models and ABB offers the appropriate training services to assist our customers.

In-line wet process analyzing of chemical baths

Reducing excursion events and chemical usage is best obtained through process control, which requires real-time end-of-bath monitoring and bath spiking. The WPA is based on FT-IR technology – a minimal drift system enabling reliable process control.

ABB’s world-renowned wet process analyzer provides guaranteed performance

  • Extensively field proven. Rugged design and construction combined with superior manufacturing methods guarantee unsurpassed analyzer stability.
  • Results obtained in less than one minute, with simultaneous analysis of multiple bath properties. Easy-to-use, operator-friendly, with very low analysis cost.
  • Simplified sampling without cutting into tool fluidics means no risk of contamination. Up to eight baths, multiple chemistries, multiple tools and can be mounted up to 100 m (328 ft) from the tool.
  • Higher analytical precision (increased repeatability, reproducibility and stability) and full I/O capacity enable advanced process control.
  • Very little training required for use by fab personnel in a routine operations environment.
  • Real-time and drift-free monitoring of wet chemical baths enable effective end-of-bath alarms and closed-loop dosing routines.