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Partnership to develop virtual reality training on hazardous materials

| By Scott Jenkins

HTX Labs LLC (Houston; the creator of enterprise immersive training simulations and technology for global business entities and government institutes, and Solvay GBU Peroxides North America (, an industry leader in advanced materials and specialty chemicals, announced today a joint agreement to create a line of virtual reality (VR) training programs focused on hazardous material handling and industrial procedures to support the chemical industry.

Leveraging the HTX Labs EMPACT commercial enterprise VR software platform, Solvay and HTX will create scalable virtual environments and training content designed to help chemical plants, refineries and distributors train personnel on protocols associated with safety, plant operations, and loading/unloading of hazardous materials.

“Working together with Solvay to develop this series of highly-realistic simulations creates a library of programs that will ultimately be available for the broader industry to utilize as a foundation for industrial training,” commented Scott Schneider, CEO and Founder of HTX Labs. “Our goal is to give employees the ability to learn-by-doing so they gain practical experience in a controlled and safe environment. As we say, mistakes are free in VR.”

Once completed, the availability of these simulations will give companies the opportunity to easily adopt VR technology with minimal resource investment in content creation, eliminating a significant barrier for many organizations.

“The training simulations we are creating with HTX Labs are first and foremost about ensuring the safety of our clients, our employees and the environment. We believe this new and innovative immersive training will go a long way to improving the learning experience, so people can practice handling hazardous materials from the safety of their desk, and will then remember the procedures while onsite,” commented Brendan Kelley, Supply Chain Specialist at Solvay GBU Peroxides. “At Solvay we like to be innovative in how we serve our clients, but more importantly, how we serve our greater community. This partnership allows us to do both in a way, we believe will truly benefit the entire industry.”