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Patent for Agilyx polystyrene-recycling technology expanded to cover all waste-plastic polymers

| By Mary Bailey

Agilyx Corp. (Tigard, Ore.), a wholly owned subsidiary of chemical recycling specialist Agilyx AS,  has been granted a patent continuation for its process of breaking down waste polystyrene into its chemical building block, styrene monomer. The continuation of US patent number 11,041,123 further confirms Agilyx’s depolymerization technology extends to the breaking down of all waste plastic polymers into their respective discrete monomers and is not only limited to polystyrene. This patent demonstrates the versatility of Agilyx’s innovation portfolio while continuing to advance its position as a leader in the depolymerization of waste plastics.

“This patent continuation demonstrates the robustness and versatility of the Agilyx technology, not restricting our claims to polystyrene to styrene monomer; thereby, expanding our patent coverage to depolymerization of polymers back to the monomer level, enabling greater circularity for more plastics,” stated Dr. Chris Faulkner, CTO at Agilyx. “Essentially, our process has not changed. We are using the same technology on the same machinery, though it may be operated in a slightly different way depending on the polymer. The recognition that this technology applies to a broader range of polymers is an exciting advancement in our mission to increase recycling and circularity of post-use plastics.”