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This peristaltic pump minimizes water use

| By Chemical Engineering

PCM Europe

PCM Europe

The new Delasco DX series (photo) is a peristaltic pump that minimizes water waste while increasing pumping efficiency. The Delasco DX series consists of three diverse models (DX65, DX80 and DX100) that are equipped with a technology to meet the expectations of mining and environmental applications, as well as the requirements of the chemical manufacturing and renewable energies sectors. The main concerns of users when dealing with large peristaltic pumps are to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations, enhance maintenance with MIP (maintenance in place) and reduce energy consumption. The pump is suitable for all fluid flows — abrasive and high-solids-content slurries (up to 80% dry solids), corrosive high-density media, viscous shear-sensitive particles or corrosive gaseous fluids. There is no need to add water to enable pumping, nor is the pump operation or efficiency affected by variations in solids content, viscosity or pressure. The internal bearing allows DX series pumps to run with any type of drive and motor thanks to a quick plug-in drive system. The DX series can generate flowrates up to 55 m3/h and is also available in duplex configuration. — PCM Europe S.A.S., Levallois-Perret, France