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PFA-lined gear pump for aggressive or high-purity liquids

| By Tracey Lilly

Michael Smith Engineers

Michael Smith Engineers

Liquiflo Polygard Series pumps (photo) are perfluoroalkoxy-lined (PFA) magnet-drive gear pumps for moving challenging liquids, such as acids (including hydrochloric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric, nitric and chromic), ferric chloride and sodium hydroxide. These pumps feature non-metallic wetted parts and zero leakage. They are available in seven sizes in both DIN- and ANSI-flanged connections, and provide flows up to 47 L/min at differential pressures up to 7 bars, and they can operate at temperatures up to 90°C. PFA-lined stainless-steel housings for these pumps do not suffer from the wicking problems associated with fiber-reinforced housings, and the effects of heat entrapment and corresponding thermal expansion are minimized, says the company. — Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, U.K.