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This piston pump has an interchangeable drive assembly

| By Chemical Engineering

QED Environmental Systems

QED Environmental Systems

The new TopDrive piston pump system (photo, p. 28) for cleanup applications features a fully-interchangeable drive assembly that allows for easy transitions between hand, solar, electric and top-drive pneumatic pumping without removing the well seal. This feature provides additional flexibility in pumping applications and the ability to pump most fluids under a wide range of operating conditions. Other design elements of the TopDrive piston pump include an interchangeable lower pump, which allows an upgrade to a higher flowrate, and an adjustable drop assembly with 5- or 10-ft lengths, optimizing pump inlet depth. The pneumatic-drive assembly features a linear bearing in addition to the internal pneumatic-drive cylinder bearing, which is designed to increase the durability and life span of the pump. — QED Environmental Systems, Inc., Dexter, Mich.