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Platinum-clad anodes available in a variety of configurations

| By Chemical Engineering

Anomet Products

Anomet Products

This company’s line of platinum-clad anodes (photo) are metallurgically bonded and are said to be more durable and longer lasting than MMO (mixed metal oxide) counterparts. The anodes are metallurgically bonded platinum to niobium or titanium, with or without a copper core for enhanced conductivity. Featuring a dense, pinhole-free and uniform structure, these anodes provide a more uniform current distribution with lower operating current densities. Designed for electroplating processes, the anodes can be supplied as rod, wire and mesh in a variety of configurations, including precut circles and squares. Woven mesh can be up to 24-in. wide, and wire and rod can range from 0.021- to 1-in. diameter. — Anomet Products, Inc., Shrewsbury, Mass.