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Powder transfer systems for a wide density range

| By Chemical Engineering

ARO Fluid Management

ARO Fluid Management

This company’s powder transfer system incorporates stall-free air valving and a new air-induction system that boosts efficiency and eliminates powder pack-out at startup, allowing for the transfer of powders ranging in density from 5 to 50 lb/ft3. The air-induction system also increases air velocity for optimum powder aeration and diffusion, says the manufacturer. The four-way air-efficiency valve can control the amount of air (or other inert gases) required for operation. The system is designed for portability so that it can be moved from site to site. The built-in delay timer ensures proper fluidization of the powder before startup. Directly controlled by the delay timer, the main startup valve supplies air pressure directly to the pump’s major air valve. — ARO Fluid Management, Bryan, Ohio