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Precisely position movable tools with this encoder

| By Chemical Engineering

Pepperl+Fuchs North America

The CVM42H CANopen multi-turn absolute encoder (photo) features stainless-steel housing, flange and shaft, and utilizes magnetic sampling to deliver 24-bit resolution position values. These compact rotary encoders excel in harsh environments with high mechanical stresses, and can withstand constant shocks and vibrations, high bearing loads, dirt and temperature fluctuations. They are typically found in mobile equipment, steel production, wind turbine and packaging applications. CVM42H absolute encoders are available with various environmental ratings and are rated for use in operating temperatures from –40 to 85ºC. They are vibration resistant to 30 g, and shock resistant to 300 g, and their resolution of up to 1 deg offers very precise positioning of movable tools. — Pepperl+Fuchs North America, Twinsburg, Ohio