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Precision-weight, large-package filling with high stability

| By Chemical Engineering

Haver & Boecker OHG

Haver & Boecker OHG

The new Elementra EGF Big Bag filling system (photo) is especially suited for loose, bulk materials of every type, especially for the construction, chemicals and food industries. Its modular design offers a high degree of flexibility, and the following options can be added: filling spouts that can be swiveled; different dosing units; inflatable sleeves; hooks (rigid, rotatable or replaceable, instead of a carrying arm); movable filling head or conveyor unit; vibration base; and conveying system. The greatest technical innovation for improving safety and preventing machine stoppages is the double-belt drive, which replaces the maintenance-intensive chain drive. This new drive fulfills explosion-protection requirements, and because of its special plastic material, it is suited for use in the food industry and in dusty environments. The Elementra EGF Big Bag filling system can fill all large packages, independent of size, material or design. — Haver & Boecker OHG, Oelde, Germany