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Predict product performance with a digital twin

| By Chemical Engineering

The latest release of STAR-CCM+ software, v12.02, includes several new features to help product development organizations enhance and accelerate their ability to digitally simulate and understand how a product will perform in the real world using the digital twin — a precise virtual model of a product’s physical and performance characteristics. New analysis tools combined with enhanced visual realism enable STAR-CCM+ v12.02 to help users unlock deeper meaning behind complex engineering simulations. STAR-CCM+ v12.02 introduScreen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.23.00 AMces ray tracing capability that allows engineers to apply photo-realistic renderings to their design and simulation results. In addition to providing new tools for the analysis of simulation results, STAR-CCM+ v12.02 adds capabilities to accelerate simulation throughput for products that deal with reacting flows, such as furnaces, reformers, internal combustion engines and gas turbines. — Siemens AG, Munich, Germany