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January 2007

January New Products (North American edition)



Energy-efficient compressors are enhanced with numerous features

These 15-, 20- and 25-hp compressors feature energy efficiency, reliability, low sound levels and compact size. The 1100e (photo), 1500e and 1800e compressors are available with a variable-speed drive that can efficiently adjust to changes in air demand. They also incorporate features that reduce noise levels — the air end and motor are mounted on rubber isolaters, intake and exhaust louvers have been insulated and every machine comes standard with a fully insulated enclosure. These features allow the compressors to operate at noise levels as low as 66 db(A). — Sullair Corp., Michigan City, Ind.


A handheld thermometer is designed for HVAC professionals

This multipurpose thermometer combines both infrared and contact temperature-measurement functions in a single tool. The Fluke 561 HVACPro (photo) can be used in infrared mode to instantly scan hot, moving, electrically energized and hard to reach objects safely and conveniently without shutting down equipment. Contact and ambient temperature measurements can be taken by connecting the included Velcro pipe probe or any industry standard K-type mini-connector thermocouple. With a temperature range optimized for HVAC applications (–40–1,022°F), the Fluke 561 has single-point laser sighting in the infrared mode that guides users to the approximate center of the target area for more accurate measurements. — Fluke Corp., Everett, Wash.


Ceramic packing with low-pressure drops for acid applications

Flexeramic (photo) is a structured packing for acid applications that offers high capacity and efficiency while providing a lower pressure drop compared to other random packing and most trays, says the manufacturer. The structured-packing elements are composed of corrugated sheets of ceramic that are vertically aligned in the packed column, thereby eliminating any horizontal surfaces that may create resistance to fluid flow. This geometric construction reduces the channeling of both liquid and vapor and provides for more effective contact of sulfuric acid and sulfur trioxide gas. Flexeramic structured packing is also ideal for regenerative-thermal-oxidizer (RTO) applications. (for more on RTOs, see p. 49) — Koch Knight LLC, East Canton, Ohio


Corrosive processes are no problem for this pressure switch

The all TFE wetted-area 2PS Pressure Switch Series (photo) is capable of handling most corrosive processes. Applications include process control, monitor flow, and maintaining pressure and levels of most processes with pressure ranges from full vacuum through 5,000 psi. Optional materials of 316 SS, PVC, aluminum and brass are available from stock, as well as diaphragms of Buna-N, EPDM, TFE, Viton and silicone. Many other special materials, such as Kalrez, Hastelloy and Kynar are also available with short lead times. — Solon Manufacturing Co., Chardon, Ohio


Powerful graphing calculator delivers connectivity and flexibility

The HP 50g (photo) is designed for engineering, math and science professionals and students. Users can transfer data and applications via convenient industry-standard USB, SD card and serial ports as well as wireless infrared communications. The calculator can also be customized by developing and saving programs and macros, and by reassigning key functions so that the most-used functions are at the users’ fingertips. HP Solve saves users time by writing and solving equations for any variable without having to re-enter or modify the original equation. The equation library allows for convenient on-board access to more than 300 of the most common equations with pictures. The intelligent editor also allows users to cut, paste and copy objects to isolate and evaluate sub-expressions. In addition, the calculator includes Computer Algebra System software, which makes it easier to perform complex arithmetic or calculus functions by manipulating mathematical expressions in symbolic form. — Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, Calif.


Dissolve grease and grime from hands without water

Fast Orange hand cleaners (photo) dissolve grease and grime to leave dirty hands clean and not sticky, without water. The citrus extract (d-limonene distilled from orange oil) not only cleans, but also produces a fresh citrus fragrance. Added conditioners prevent hands from drying out. Cleaning agents are non-toxic and biodegradable. In addition to several lotion and cream hand-cleaner formulations, Fast Orange is also available in pre-moistened wipes that feature a textured, non-scratching weave on one side for cleaning heavy-duty soil from tools and work areas as well as from hands. The other side is smooth for general-purpose cleaning. — ITW Devcon, Danvers, Mass.


This Coriolis meter measures flow in tight places

The CMB Coriolis flowmeter (photo) delivers accurate flow measurement in a rugged, yet compact-size unit for liquid or gas service. The CMB is an economical solution to industrial applications that require the best possible accuracy in crowded equipment layouts or facilities. The CMB’s “U” tube flow-sensor design features lightweight 316 L stainless-steel tubes with minimal welding and exclusive vibration dampening technology. This design achieves higher long-term mechanical reliability and lower installation costs when compared to the typical heavy die-cast flow-tube elements found in ordinary Coriolis devices, says the manufacturer. With a footprint as small as 11.8 in. wide, 15 in. high and 4 in. deep, the CMB offers ± 0.15% accuracy at flowrates up to 2,205 lb/min in line sizes up to 3 in. over a temperature range of –4 to 356 °F and at pressures up to 580 psi. — Fluid Components Int’l., San Marcos, Calif.


Position sensors at virtually any angle

Available in both plastic and metal versions, the BMS Mounting System (photo) enables users to easily position sensors by providing mounting flexibility in all three axes. Dimensionally stable, the mounting system uses knurled pins to hold position during sensor replacement. The basic holder accommodates virtually any manufacturer-specific mounting profile. A metal-body, fine-adjustment unit is available for laser sensors. In many configurations, the system not only provides a mounting function, but also offers mechanical protection for the sensor, says the manufacturer. — Balluff Inc., Florence, Ky.


This thermocouple sensor is optimized for high-purity applications

A new design of thermocouple assembly provides a reliable temperature-monitoring sensor for high-purity fluid systems that traditionally use fluoropolymer components. Designated the TS Series (photo), the assembly has been designed as an alternative to sensors that are fabricated by bonding the thermocouple wires between fluoropolymer-tubing elements, a form of installation often carried out by end users. From analysis of failed parts used in this type of installation, the manufacturer found that the bonding temperature could damage the wires’ insulation. Special attention has therefore been paid to the way the probe fits into the TS Series sensor. The tip itself is also sealed with fluoropolymer for protection and long life, and has minimal dead space and entrapment areas. A TS Series sensor can be specified with either a K- or J-type thermocouple probe. Mounting for the sensor is provided in the form of a compact T-shaped fitting that can be installed into fluid lines to function as a straight union, or a 90-degree elbow joint. The sensor element is installed into one leg of the T assembly, using a standard compression ferrule set. The thermocouple is available for five tubing sizes from 0.25- to 1-in. dia., or in a “jump-size-converter” configuration. — Parker Instrumentation, a division of Parker Hannifin, Tucson, Ariz.


This thermally efficient steam trap is redesigned

The Cool Blue UTD52S series of Thermo-Dynamic steam traps (photo), with a standard integral strainer and blowdown, is engineered for most all-drip and saturated or superheated steam applications with a maximum temperature of 750°F (400°C) and a maximum pressure of 450 psig (31 barg). The smaller surface of the redesigned UTD52S cap reduces heat loss and the ceramic insulator cover does not touch the cap, which prevents heat conduction and lengthening cycles. The units can be installed vertically or horizontally by means of an industry standard universal connector. Every trap is air and steam tested. — Spirax Sarco, Blythewood, S.C.


Custom-made shaft collars withstand high temperatures

Shaft collars that can be manufactured from high-temperature alloys (photo) for chemical, industrial, medical and power generation applications have been introduced by this company. Alloys include Type 330 stainless steel and others for service up to 2,250°F. Featuring one- and two-piece clamp-style construction, the collars can be manufactured to customer specifications in sizes from 0.5- up to 10-in. dia. Suitable for use in drive systems, conveyors, mixers, test fixtures and numerous other applications, the high-temperature shaft collars can incorporate special features such as threaded, square or hexagonal bores, and mounting holes on the face or outer diameter. — Stafford Manufacturing Corp., North Reading, Mass.

January New Products (international edition)  



Pick the configuration needed for your dosing application

The Primeroyal range of dosing pumps is said to be especially suitable for meeting the demands of the CPI thanks to their robust design based on the simple concept of a variable eccentric mechanism, which ensures optimum reliability and easy maintenance. In a recent application, the pumps were supplied in triplex format (photo) for pumping liquid propane at flowrates up to 22 m3/h. In general, the range covers flowrates of 4,410 L/h at 500 bar pressure (the L Model) and 8,929 L/h at 500 bar (the N version). Standard construction materials include 316 stainless steel, PVC and PVDF. Available configurations include hydraulically-activated, diaphragm-liquid ended with PTFE or stainless-steel diaphragm. — Milton Roy Ltd., Wokingham, U.K.


This inline flowmeter is accurate

This firm has expanded its fluid sensor range with the introduction of the FCVI flowrate sensor (photo). The inline device operates according to the vortex-measurement principle and is especially suitable for applications with higher demands in terms of accuracy. The sensor detects flowrates in liquids ranging from 2 to 20 L/min. with an accuracy of 2%. It is insensitive to pressure, temperature and density changes in the medium making it suitable for control of process and cooling-water circuits. The device has a linear 4–20-mA analog output and a PNP switching output. Users can individually program additional functions, such as hysteresis, switching relay and output characteristics. — Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG, Mülheim an der Ruhr


This pump’s diaphragm is hydrodynamically balanced

The Hydra-Cell sealless positive-displacement pumps (photo) are now available through this fluids handling specialist. The pump’s drive shaft is rigidly held in the pump housing by a large, tapered roller bearing that is immersed in a lubricating oil bath. A fixed angle cam translates rotary motion into linear motion to the hydraulic cells, which displace the diaphragms via pressurized oil. This design results in hydraulically balanced diaphragms, so stress is eliminated. Hydra-Cell pumps cover the flowrate range from 0.4 to 128 L/min., and pressures up to 72 bar. Because of the accurate and repeatable output, the pumps are suitable for metering and dosing applications. — Michael Smith Engineers Ltd., Woking, U.K.


Use ultrasound to detect transparent films

Thanks to a newly-developed background filter, this firm’s AGK Series of ultrasonic sensors (photo) reliably detect objects at small distances of only a few millimeters. This allows even for the detection of transparent films running past rollers. Other applications include the identification of flat components on conveyor belts and monitoring the filling of tablet tubes. The sensors with integrated electronics are available as M12 modules. The sensing range is 25 to 200 mm, and the IP67 stainless-steel housing enables the sensor to operate in industrial environments at temperatures between –15 and 70°C. — EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH, Gettorf, Germany


A high-temperature furnace for treating polymer resins

Launched last month, the electrically heated rotary-retort/rotary-tube furnace (photo) is suitable for heat treatment (activation) of granulated polymeric resin in constant high quality under nitrogen atmosphere as pulse-batch (approximately 50 kg/batch) operation. The furnace has a heated length of 2.1 m, an inner-tube diameter of 500 mm and features three-zone temperature control, which delivers a maximum temperature of 1,000°C with a heating power of 52 kW. — Linn High Therm GmbH, Eschenfelden, Germany


New software keeps track of ultrapure water plants

With the launch of Aqu@view (photo), this firm now offers a new monitoring and evaluation system for water-treatment plants. Based on software that has been integrated into the user interface, this system permits the implementation of comprehensive recorder functions as well as data acquisition, archiving and evaluation. The recorder functions of Aqu@view comply with the requirements of CFR Part 11. Long-term archiving of data is supported; up to 520 million records can be saved on currently-available memory cards. The system enables operators to reduce in-house costs for operation and maintenance of pure water systems. — Christ Water Technology Group, Aesch, Switzerland


An alternative way for liquid-flow control

Instead of using a liquid flowmeter with integrated control valve, this firm has combined a thermal or Coriolis mass flowmeter in combination with a close-coupled gear pump (photo), covering the range from 20 mg/h up to 600 kg/h. Flow control is achieved by utilizing the integrated controller function on the PC board of the liquid flowmeter. The liquid dosing system accepts analog and RS232 setpoint as standard and can optionally be equipped with various fieldbus interfaces. — Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., Ruurlo, Netherlands


When space is limited, consider this CIP system

This firm’s mobile clean-in-place (CIP) system can be used in applications where built-in CIP systems are unfeasible, either because of space limitations or the unreasonable effort needed for installation. The unit features a programmable logic controller (PLC) in combnination with temperature, conductivity and level measurement for optimal control of the entire CIP process, including the return and recycling of cleaning solutions. Cleaning of plants and devices comply with regulations in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. — Bioengineering AG, Wald, Switzerland


A source for large, metallic single crystals

This firm now supplies very large crystals of tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, niobium, palladium and other metals for research of catalytic reactions and surface chemistry. The crystals are produced from metals purified by various zone-refining procedures, and are then grown by electron-beam zone refining. Crystals range in size from 0.005 to over 1 in. in diameter, and lengths of up to 12 in. — Accumet Materials, Inc., Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.


Recycle large-diameter plastic pipe with this shredder

The ZSR Series circular shredder (photo) is a new approach to economically recycling rejects of large-diameter polyethylene pipe. The material is loaded in a horizontal charging trough, which is equipped with a feed device that pushes the material against an inclined disk rotor, fitted with special cutting tools. The rotor cuts the material into thick-walled chips, which are then crushed further in the following mill. The end product is an easy-flowing material with high bulk density and a low proportion of fines. Pipes with lengths of 12 m or more can be processed without preliminary cutting. — Herbold Meckesheim GmbH, Meckesheim, Germany


Try this distillation spreadsheet for free

The McCabe-Thiele method is widely used to determine the number of theoretical stages required to separate a binary mixture by distillation. Applying this method is easy if the thermodynamic properties of the systems are available; this is the case with Simulis Thermodynamics. A spreadsheet has been developed with calls to the Simulis Thermodynamic’s functions embedded in MS-Excel. The software, which can be downloaded for free at the company’s web site, is an easy way to determine the operating conditions required for separating the components of a binary mixture. — ProSim, Labege Cedex, France


Redundant communication for high plant availability

With redundant Profibus PA communication, users increase the availability of their production plants and avoid unplanned downtimes. For this purpose, this firm developed a DP/PA coupler, which can be designed for redundant installation, and an active field distributor (AFD) for creating high-availability ring topologies (photo). When combined with Profisafe field units, high availability and safety-oriented applications can be implemented that are said to be considerably less expensive than those with conventional architectures. — Siemens A&D, Nuremberg, Germany


Nonreactive cartridge filters for plating baths

The new Guardian family of high-flow cartridge filters is designed to be nonreactive to a wide range of plating additives while providing “superior” particle-retention capabilities and long service life, says the manufacturer. Guardian ECD filters use an optimized membrane pore structure and feature proprietary PolySulfone membranes. The hydrophyllic membrane reduces the occurrence of micro-bubble formation during wafer processing. The filters are available in 0.1–0.05-µm pore sizes, are compatible with most housings and have a maximum operating temperature of 60°C. — Entegris, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.


Use this multiplexer to evaluate data from HART devices

The HART Multiplexer facilitates digital access to the configuration and diagnostics data of HART devices. The modular KFD2-HMM 16 multiplexer has the capacity to evaluate up to 7,936 HART signals. The multiplexers are connected by simply plugging into the 4–20-mA cabling, thus forming an underlying, independent service level. A wide range of interfaces and motherboards are available for the connection of the field devices. For applications with functional safety requirements, there are assessments for loop considerations up to SIL3 for both multiplexer systems. Operation of the multiplexer is achieved with the FDT/DTM technology and PACTware. — Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany


Monitor moisture levels accurately with this transmitter

The HygroPro moisture transmitter combines the performance and features that are normally found in top-of-the-line moisture analyzers in a compact, intrinsically safe, loop-powered transmitter for applications in the process, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. With certified intrinsically safe electronics packed in an IP67 Type 4X housing, the transmitter is suitable for measuring moisture content in pipeline natural gas, petrochemical application, power generation (such as transformer oil or sulfur hexafluoride) and other industrial gas or non-aqueous liquids applications. — GE Sensing, Billerica, Mass.


Meet biodiesel specifications with these ion-exchange resins

Production of biodiesel is said to be considerably simplified by the Lewatit K2567 ion exchange resin. For example, the EN 14214 European standard stipulates that biodiesel may only contain limited quantities of corrosive water and that salts and ash, which can deposit in the engine, may only be found in trace amounts. Also, only a minimal quantity of glycerine is allowable. Lewatit K2567 can absorb glycerine and other impurities highly effectively, says the manufacturer. — Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany


A variety of sealing options are available for this pump

CombiChem horizontal centrifuge pumps (photo), which comply with ISO 5199, are suitable for handling low-viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated fluids. The pump offers a maximum capacity of 500 m3/h and heads up to 160 m, a working pressure up to 16 bar and the ability to pump fluids with a maximum temperature of 200°C. A choice of 4 mechanical DIN-seal options are offered, with sealing rings and elastomers in several possible combinations along with 3 possible gland-packing options. — JP Pumps Ltd., Crawley, U.K.


This corrosion inhibitor keeps working for months

Metaflex EP is a new type of yellow-metal corrosion inhibitor derived from a family of compounds known to form strong complexes with metal ions in solution. Supplied as a 25% active solution, Metaflex EP is not a direct replacement for azole chemistries, but is an alternative method of treating yellow metals. Designed to form durable films, the inhibitor is said to offer improved film stability compared to azole and eliminates the need for a continuous residual inhibitor. Three “slug” dosages of Metalflex EP provide protection for 90 days. — Alco Chemical, Chattanooga, Tenn.


Stopping the flow is not necessary to clean this strainer

The Model 570 duplex, pipeline basket strainer continuously removes particulate matter from system flows, thus protecting system components (valves, pumps, meters) in pipelines. The strainer can be used in pipelines with a size from 8 to 36 in., and is designed so that the system flow never has to be shutdown for cleaning the basket. — Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, N.J.