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November 2011

Use this displacement pump where space is a premium

The Model 1000 close-coupled positive displacement pump has a configuration that is ideal in situations where space is a premium. It is designed for a variety of services, including shear-sensitive chemical feeds, adhesives, lime, polymer metering, slurries and viscous crude-oil transfer applications. Its pin-type universal joint is sealed and lubricated, providing long life with minimum maintenance. A key feature of the pump is a two-piece drive shaft that allows assembly, maintenance and mechanical seal access. — Moyno Inc., Springfield, Ohio

A new coating to protect pipes in harsh conditions

Solef 41308 PVDF (polyvinylidine fluoride) is designed for direct adhesion onto metals and allows the construction of multilayer coating systems. While the first layer is applied with conventional electrostatic coating techniques for providing corrosion protection, a second layer of a compatible Solef PVDF grade is extruded on the pipe and adds thermal insulation and mechanical strength. In comparison with existing polyolefin-based coating systems, Solef PVDF offers direct adhesion to metal (no need for tie layers); higher thermal stability; higher chemical and permeation resistance; excellent weatherability; higher mechanical strength; and better thermal insulation at lower thickness, says the producer. The main targeted market is the oil-and-gas industry. — Solvay Solexis, a Solvay Specialty Polymers company, Bollate, Italy
This duplex steel is now internationally recognized

The ASTM standard A240 for flat products lists the properties of all major stainless steels, and is used by designers and specifiers worldwide. The new 11th edition now includes this company’s LDX 2404 using its generic UNS S82441 designation. The new duplex grade enables thinner gages to be employed in a variety of applications, yielding considerable material savings, says the manufacturer. LDX 2404 provides excellent resistance to corrosion. The first order for the new grade was recently received from a German company for building tanks used in biogas production. — Outokumpu Stainless AB, Avesta, Sweden