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December 2011

Improved information exchange with these new controllers

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 Series programmable automation controllers (PACs; photo) feature enhanced process, motion, safety and information capabilities, and leverage a common design environment and networking of this company’s Integrated Architecture system. For process applications, the new ControlLogix controllers significantly improve the amount of information that can be exchanged between the control and supervisory layers, while allowing more control strategies to be executed, says the manufacturer. All controllers of the series are equipped with on-board display features that provide enhanced diagnostics and run time information to ease troubleshooting and increase uptime. The controllers also have improved security features, including improved data integrity and faster date transference with a 1-GB secure digital card. — Rockwell Automation, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisc.
New control applications for mining and construction industries

The Metso DNA automation system, which enhances productivity and profitability in the energy and paper-and-pulp industries, has now been expanded to include the mining and construction industries. An example of the new offering is the new crushing-plant control room solution that connects crushers and screens together, ensuring the effective management of the entire plant from the comfort and safety of a control room. The Metso DNA user interface provides production information to ensure a proper and rapid response to plant events. Also, the machine condition-monitoring solutions can reduce plant and machine downtimes, as well as help avoid safety and environmental hazards. — Metso, Helsinki, Finland
This GC column has a longer lifetime

The TraceGold gas-chromatography (GC) column is equipped with SafeGuard, a system which combines an analytical GC column with a built-in guard column. GC columns are routinely cut to remove contaminant deposits, but over time, the practice compromises peak resolution and separation accuracy. With the TraceGold GC Column with SafeGuard, users can cut columns for during routine maintenance with no impact on the chromatography performance of the column. SafeGuard is available in a variety of guard column lengths and column specifications. The system is suitable for applications with involatile sample matrices, including petrochemical, environmental and food analyses. — ThermoFisher Scientific, Atlanta, Ga.

A container dumper specifically designed for sanitary processes

The process-specific sanitary bulk-container dumper from this company is constructed to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) guidelines for cleanability, with design features that proactively facilitate thorough cleaning and reduce target cleaning times. The features include elimination of internal angles, corners and dead spaces to avoid accumulation of contaminants. The sanitary container dumper has lift carriage capacity in excess of 2,500 lb per 135-deg rotation. Hermetically sealed connectors and components are protected from corrosion and high temperatures. The unit has machine guarding that permits pass-through of materials while preventing operators from coming in contact with machine hazards. — National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, Mich.

These gas modules dont forget their calibration settings

The new Sentro 1 has intelligent plug in gas-sensing modules to provide safety monitoring of toxic and flammable gases. The system uses pre-calibrated, input eModules for monitoring a wide range of gases, with each one storing all of the necessary data about type identification, sensing range and specific calibration. The sensor integrates with other plant equipment and monitoring devices, and has a wide choice of fully conditioned output signals. The unit uses electrochemical cells for monitoring toxic gases, a poison-resistant, catalytic combustion sensor for monitoring flammable gases, and an infrared sensor for CO2 and methane. — Trolex Ltd., Stockport, U.K.