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October 2012

Portable infrared LED light for security cameras

The new, explosion-proof EPL-21-IRLED is a portable infrared light-emitting diode (LED) light for low-voltage power requirements. The watertight light can be operated in wet environments, and the illumination from the LED produces a flood beam that is approximately 160 ft long and 125 ft wide. It is housed in a portable, explosion-proof packaging that is suitable for UL Class I and II, Div. 1 and 2 hazardous areas. The EPL-21-IRLED is available in two different wavelengths (850 nm for use in security cameras and general night vision devices, and 940 nm for military night vision equipment. The durable light is resistant to impact and thermal shock. — Larson Electronics, Kemp, Tex.

This extruder cooks ingredients and makes a healthy snack

The ZSK MEGAvolume Plus twin-screw extruder, featuring 54-mm-dia. screws, has been custom made by this company for a new production line for the food industry that was recently commercialized by Dinnissen B.V. (Sevenum, The Netherlands). Tradenamed Magi-N.ext, the new production line permits the production of a wide range of preserved and healthy convenience foods. The starch components of different recipes are gelatinized by means of an extrusion cooking process in which the shearing action of the twin screws rapidly causes the temperature of the mixture to rise to 100°C. In conjuction with the water from the content in the product, the native raw starch is gelatinized. A degassing step removes a large portion of the moisture via a vacuum system, creating directly expanded, easily manageable products obtained at the pelletizing stage by a centric pelletizer, ZGF 70. — Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Power supplies with large current outputs

The Sitop smart family (photo) has been extended with three single-phase, 24-V power supplies with rated output currents of 2.5, 5 and 10 A, as well as two 12-V power supplies with 7- and 14- A outputs. The output voltage of the new PSU100S power supply is adjustable over the range of 24 to 28 V for the 24-V versions, and up to 15.5 V for the 12-V models. All devices can supply 1.5 times the rated current for 5 s/min to ensure problem-free starting for all loads that draw a high current. — Siemens Industry Sector, Erlangen, Germany
A high-pressure reactor system for process development

The EM20-100-HC and EM60-100-HC 100-mL Hastelloy Pressure Reactors are designed for use with this company’s EasyMax synthesis workstation. These reactors expand the use of EasyMax to both autoclave-like organic synthesis and high-pressure process characterization. The 100-mL reactor’s design enables quick setup and fast results from low- to medium-pressure reactions (to 100 bars) using the built-in touch-screen and reactor combination like an autoclave; this simplifies mixing, temperature and pressure control and allows measurement of mass flow and gas uptake. Accessories, such as the iControl software, enable evaluation of gas consumption, mass transfer, kinetics and heterogeneous catalysis. The reactor covers the temperature range between 20 and 180°C. — Mettler Toledo AutoChem, Inc., Greifensee, Switzerland
Gas cylinder storage simplified with Website Wizard

This company’s updated Website now features a Gas Cage Wizard that makes choosing the right gas cylinder storage option simpler. Users enter the height, diameter and the number of cylinders that need to be stored, and the Wizard instantly calculates and suggests the most suitably sized cage from a standard range of cages. In addition to a wide range of mesh cages, enclosures and cabinets, the Website also provides essential, up-to-date U.K. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) information and FAQs. — Gas Cage Direct, Crawley, U.K.
Cut product loss with this dust-recovery hood

The new dust-recovery hood from this company is intended for vibrating fluidized-bed dryers and coolers, and features a proprietary design that allows on-specification particles that are entrained in the airstream to be captured and gently returned to the process for recovery as finished product. Engineered with an expanding, tapered profile that reduces the airflow velocity as the process air rises, the dust-recovery hood cuts the volume of product lost as waste while also boosting the ratio of finished products at discharge per unit of input, and support dust-control efforts. Undersized fine particles entrained in the airstream that need not be recovered for recycling can be captured in a dust collector. The unit is designed for drying foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aggregates, plastics, wood products and others. — The Witte Co., Inc., Washington, N.J.

Radio-frequency washers can tag equipment

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) Washer from this company can tag equipment and machines that are put together using regular bolts. It provides a seamless way of RFID-enabling existing machines to communicate with users, maintenance workers and other machinery. The RFID Washer replaces a standard washer of similar size and shape, and allow asset tracking for industrial equipment, construction and oil-and-gas equipment and others. RFID Washers are helpful for inspections and audits, assembly verification, asset tracking, maintenance operations, security seals and equipment verification. — Holland 1916, Kansas City, Mo.

Control phosphorous levels in effluent waters

The RTC101 Phosphorous Control System provides realtime control of the chemical dosing that helps maintain consistent phosphorus levels in effluent waters. The instrument makes it possible to quickly adjust for loading changes, a method that can significantly lower chemical costs compared to adjusting chemical doses based on flow or setting a fixed dose rate. The RTC101 takes the guesswork out of the chemical phosphorous removal process, the company says. — Hach Co., Loveland, Colo.

Industrial heliostat can provide low-cost heat and light

Heliostats are sun-tracking mirrors that can provide low-cost heat and light for buildings and industrial processes. The H1 Heliostat provides over 2,000 W of heat and light energy to a target, and multiple H1s can be combined in arrays. The H1 features a tensioned-film reflector, rather than a glass mirror, making the unit lighter weight and safer with better reflective properties than glass. The H1’s reflective surface is made from tough metalized plastic stretched onto a frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The H1 also features a wireless control system that allows users to configure and aim heliostats with an easy-to-use computer program. Possible applications include steam generation, drying food in agricultural operations, warming greenhouses, enhancing oil extraction, melting ice and others. — LightManufacturing LLC, Pismo Beach, Calif.