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December 2012

This safety cabinet has thicker doors

Pig Flammable Safety Cabinets for chemical storage have fully MIG-welded 14- and 18-gage steel construction, and the impact-resistant steel door faces are 56% thicker than other cabinets on the market, the company says. A three-point zinc latch ensures failsafe, non-sparking door closure and the recessed handle won’t catch on passing traffic. Available in a variety of sizes and sump capacities, Pig Safety Cabinets meet NFPA and OSHA specifications and are FM approved for the storage of flammable substances. A 2-in. leakproof sump within the cabinet contains leaks, drips and spills. The cabinet’s 4-in. bullet hinges with self-lubricating brass pins prevent premature hinge failure and allow a long life. The powdercoat finish resists chemicals and corrosion, and the cabinets come with a lifetime warranty. — New Pig Corp., Tipton, Pa.
Secure bolts with these washers

X-Series washers from this company are designed to secure bolts so that they do not undergo spontaneous loosening due to vibration and dynamic loads. The washers feature an exclusive spring effect that protects against slackening due to settlement and relaxation. These washers come in pairs, with cams on one side and radial teeth on the opposite side to secure the bolted joint with tension instead of friction. The washers also create an elastic reserve in the bolted joint to compensate for the loss of preload and prevent slackening. — Nord-Lock Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.
A new resin that meets existing & new water standards

Introduced recently at the Fakuma trade fair (Friedrichahafen, Germany), a new Noryl resin not only complies with current European and global sustainability regulations regarding materials used in potable water systems, but also with new tougher regulations slated to go into effect in 2016. Noryl FE1630PW resin is a 30% glass-reinforced polyphenylene ether (PPE) that offers “excellent” hydrological performance in both cold and hot water systems, says the producer. This next-generation resin meets tightening global specifications regarding compliance of glass-fiber and sizing with U.S. and European food-contact requirements. Applications include hydroblocks for boilers used for heating and drinking water, faucet cartridges and shower-head parts. — Innovative Plastics, Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC), Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
A versatile extruder for pharma applications

The Pharma parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder is designed specifically for pharmaceutical applications to minimize material costs, be easier to use, and optimize space. To achieve this, the benchtop extruder uses a minimal amount of sample material and features a user-friendly touchscreen with integrated feeder control. The extruder has a throughput of 20 g/h to 2.5 kg/h, and is easily convertible from hot-melt extrusion to twin-screw granulation applications. The GMP (good manufacturing practice)-compliant device can be used for drug-development applications, including drug delivery systems, implants, tablets and granules. The compact design makes it suitable for use in glove boxes. — Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Karlsruhe, Germany