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March 2012

Achieve high efficiencies with these permanent-magnet motors

PremiumPlus motors are brushless permanent-magnet motors (photo) that are driven by variable-frequency drives (VFDs). Available in 3-hp and 5-hp sizes, the motors achieve motor-only rated point efficiencies of 93% and 92% for the two sizes, respectively, the company says. The motors have a unique flux-focusing stator and rotor-hub geometry that allow them to achieve high performance with ferrite-based permanent magnets, rather than those requiring costly rare-earth metals, such as neodymium. Because they use ferrite magnets, the motors are priced comparably to induction motors, the company says. PremiumPlus motors are packaged in standard NEMA frame sizes and mounting dimensions for easy substitution. The motors are compatible with VFDs from most leading manufacturers. — NovaTorque Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif.

Detect leaks from heating pipes with this system

Last month, this company launched a new version of its Stateview system for detecting leaks in district energy systems. Stateview System II (photo) boasts a ten-fold increase in wireless reach — to 1,000 m — giving field workers a much-improved environment, says the manufacturer. Stateview is a portable diagnostic tool for district energy pipe networks. It operates analogously to radar, sending electrical signals along pipes, and giving heating stations a tool for early detection of damaged pipes without having to actually dig up the pipes or wait for a pipe to break. — Stateview, a subsidiary of Mittel Fjärrvärme AB, Umeå, Sweden