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New Products & Services

July 2012

This ribbon blender has new features

A gasket-free, low-maintenance cover, reinforced troughs for pressure and vacuum applications and clamshell coupling for quick agitator removal are among the features this company has introduced for its ribbon blender models. Other new features include heavy-duty construction for dense materials, end-wall scrapers and a bottom-discharge extruder. The ribbon blenders are suitable for blending dry powders, granules, pellets and other solids. They can also function as paste mixers, vacuum dryers and granulators. The ribbon blender mixes products in a U-shaped trough with a horizontal agitator that can be interchanged with a paddle agitator for gentler blending of shear-sensitive materials. — Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.

This gas apparatus is for corrosive applications

A series of gas regulators and switchovers from this company have been designed specifically for applications using reactive and corrosive gases. The regulators and switchovers are treated with a proprietary deposition process that impregnates all wetted surfaces of 316 stainless steel with an amorphous silicone layer. Known as SilcoNert technology, the silicone deposition process renders the stainless steel 100 time more inert than 316 stainless steel alone, the company says. The treated gas apparatus is designed for handling reactive mixtures containing hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide and reduced sulfur in any application requiring rapid and accurate analysis of low-level sulfur and mercury. This includes a wide range of applications, including chromatography and beverage testing, natural gas and automotive emissions monitoring. — Concoa Precision Gas Controls, Virginia Beach, Va.

These sensors measure rotation speed with high sensitivity

The new SS360NT/SS360ST/SS460S High Sensitivity Bipolar Latching Digital Hall-effect Sensor Integrated Circuits utilize bipolar latching magnetics which make these products perfect for accurate speed sensing and revolutions-per-minute (RPM) measurement. These new sensors offer reliable switching points with high magnetic sensitivity of 30 G typical (55 G maximum) without using chopper stabilization on the Hall element, resulting in a clean output signal and the fastest latch response time in its class, the company says. Industrial and commercial applications include brushless d.c. motor commutation, flowrate sensing for appliances, speed and RPM sensing, tachometer pickup, motor and fan control and robotics control. — Honeywell Corp., Morristown, N.J.

Torque measurement with greater flexibility

The Type 4550A KiTorq system is designed to add greater measurement flexibility for the highly dynamic torque parameters found within manufacturing-related machinery and equipment, such as electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, motors, compressors, combustion engines and engineering test benches. The KiTorq system features an accuracy class of 0.05%. It also offers fully digital transmission, with a signal bandwidth of up to 10 kHz and integral speed measurement of 60 pulses per revolution, for maximum dynamic response and precision. The bearing- and slipring-free design of the KiTorq system consists of the company’s Type 455x rotary torque measuring unit and the Type 454x stator torque evaluation unit. The robust and maintenance-free KiTorq system is available with a choice of measuring range from 500 to 3,000 Nm. Kitorq rotors capture torque measurement data using strain gages, and the high-speed scanning rate means that torque parameters can be measured with high degrees of accuracy and precision. — Kistler North America, Novi, Mich.

Mix low- and medium-density bulk materials fast and gently

The model MF-5-SS fluidized bed mixer gently mixes low- to medium-density bulk materials, including liquid additions, in times typically around 30 s. Mixing jobs vary from 10 s to 2 min. The machine employs two counter-rotating shafts turning paddle agitators rapidly within parallel U-shaped troughs. The flat, angular paddles with overlapping paths sweep material from the troughs toward the center and upward, causing it to become airborne in a “fluidized zone” above the longitudinal centerline of the mixing chamber, the company explains. Product degradation is said to be reduced by the shorter mixing times, and by the mixing action, which reduces shear. Liquids can be added in relatively high ratios while still maintaining the free-flowing characteristics of the batch. — Munson Machinery Co., Utica, N.Y.

This work light is magnetically mounted

The WAL-M-500-120 is a quartz halogen lamp that can magnetically mounted to ferrous metal surfaces. With a compact design and 500 W of lighting power, the quartz halogen lamp can be easily mounted on tank walls, iron walkways and similar metal surfaces and will remain firmly in place even under demanding work conditions, the company says. The light is designed to work with common 120 V a.c. current, and can illuminate over 3,000 ft2 of work space. The lamp body is constructed with aluminum with a tempered glass lens. Included with the lamp is 25 ft of chemical- and abrasion-resistant cord with a straight-blade plug for easy connection to standard wall outlets. — Larson Electronics LLC, Kemp, Tex.

A new smaller size for these UF modules

This company has released a smaller-sized version of its Q-SEP(R) Model 2008 Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration (UF) module for water and wastewater applications. Q-SEP 2008 is a self-encapsulated, hollow-fiber UF module with a membrane surface area of 20.0 m2. The compact, smaller module offers greater flexibility while designing smaller filtration systems for commercial customers or situations where water demand is low, such as in offices, hospitals, hotels and others. — QUA Group LLC, Dallas, Tex.

This unloader discharges difficult dry chemicals

This patented silo unloader features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure the mechanical discharge of dry chemicals from silos, rigid bins and hoppers. The unloader rotates within the container bottom to prevent non-flowing materials from jamming, bridging, compacting or rat-holing, as observed with vibration and fluidization systems. The mechanical unloader was specifically designed for difficult dry chemicals, such as lime, soda ash, trona and PAC. The discharger can also integrate up to four precise volumetric screw feeders. Each screw feeder is totally independent and can feed up to 15,000 lb/h with different lengths and throughput variations. — Sodimate Inc., Chicago, Ill.

Use these valves for zero emissions

Clampseal valves comprise a line of single- and double bellows valves that allow for zero emissions. They are ideal for use in applications where packed valves may not reliably contain light gases or hazardous system fluids, due to leakage in the stem/packing seal area or stuffing box wall/packing seal area. Clampseal bellows seal valves meet all requirements of MSS SP-117, and are available in ½-in. through 4-in. sizes, and in Y, T and angle configurations, through ASME/ANSI Class 2500. Standard materials of construction include carbon steel SA105; chrome-moly SA182-F22, F91; stainless steel SA182-F316, F316L and F347. Options include electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators; open, closed or both locking devices; single or dual limit switches; position indicator; and leak-off port. — Conval, Somers, Conn.