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New Products & Services

September 2012

Improvements make these actuators lighter and more compact

This company has redesigned its GO Range of gas-over-oil pipeline valve actuators to provide longer service in automating heavy-duty valve applications, such as those found in the gathering, transmission, compression and storage of natural gas. Requiring minimal maintenance, the valves have undergone changes including a more streamlined manufacturing process and various product improvements. The result is a lighter and more compact product with a modular construction that reduces the number of components. The actuators use pressurized oil as the driving force to provide smooth actuator control and isolate the cylinder from the pipeline gas. This prevents contaminants from entering the hydraulic cylinder, and eliminates corrosion and seal deterioration. — Rotork Controls, Rochester, N.Y.

This condensate pump is designed for reduced maintenance

The Pivotrol PTF4 is a high-capacity, pressure-powered condensate pump that covers a wide motive pressure range. The new version of this pump can be operated by steam, air or other pressurized gases, and covers a complete pressure range of up to 200 psig. The Pivotrol pump is designed to reduce the excessive maintenance and energy consumption that are common with high-capacity condensate pumps used in large industrial and commercial facilities. The PTF4 incorporates dual Pivotrol pumping mechanisms with this company’s PowerPivot technology. The unit is backed by a three-year or three-million-cycle warranty. The pump features patented vent-assist valves that release pressure in the pump body during the exhaust stroke for faster filling and overall cycling, leading to higher capacity, the company says. — Spirax Sarco Inc., Blythewood, S.C.

PTFE powder coating can make machine parts corrosion-resistant

A service for applying PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) powder coatings to chemical processing equipment is now being offered by this company. The coating is designed for all types of parts, from small components to large castings, that require chemical and corrosion resistance. The coatings can be tailored to customer requirements, and involve an electrostatic application process that can apply PTFE at thicknesses between 0.0002 and 0.025 in. The service is suitable for single parts or high-quantity production runs, and includes proper surface preparation and subsequent baking to ensure a uniform finish that resists abrasion, chemical attack, corrosion and mechanical damage. Typical equipment for the service include valves, pumps, mixers, chutes, tanks and handles. — Applied Plastics Co., Norwood, Mass.

These NEMA enclosures can accommodate larger-scale applications

A new addition to this companies Genesis product line, these larger-size NEMA enclosures are 24 × 24 × 10 in. Made of high-impact, ultraviolet-resistant polycarbonate materials, the Genesis 24 × 24 × 10-in. enclosures have flexible interior mounting with this company’s patented adjustable-swing, panel-mounting system. The product represents a response to growing demand for larger enclosure options, specifically in the remote monitoring and energy sectors. — Integra Enclosures, Mentor,Ohio

A flowmeter specifically designed for chlorine injection

The Chlorine-Trak 760S Thermal Mass Flow Meter was specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass-flow-measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications. The corrosive nature of chlorine gas (particularly in the presence of moisture) has made economical measurement a great challenge to the industry, the company says. This product’s flow body is manufactured from Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF), which offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. PVDF is also inherently stable, mechanically tough, and abrasion and flame resistant. The 760S offers an accuracy of ±5% of full scale, flow range up to 300 scfm chlorine in a 4-in. Kynar flow body, and outstanding range-ability of 100:1. The 760S also offers a digital display with instantaneous and totalized flow, and a digital Modbus RTU option for easy PLC/DAQ integration and analog 4–20-mA output. — Sierra Instruments, Monterey, Calif.

Store moisture-sensitive chemicals with this dessicator

The Scienceware Grande extra large dessicator cabinet provides a dust-free, low-humidity environment to store relatively large quantities of moisture-sensitive chemicals. It has a transparent body for quick visualization of the cabinet’s contents and an interior capacity of 3.6 ft3. The Grande also has acrylic, perforated, pull-out shelves that allow maximum air circulation and have built-in stops to prevent accidental tipping. The shelves are removable, so the dessicator can be used as to store a single large item. The unit’s exterior dimensions are 26 × 24 × 26 in. — Bel-Art Products Inc., Wayne, N.J.

This cleaner can be an alternative to mineral acid products

MCI Super Remover is a new cleaner for removing rust, scale and hardened concrete residue from equipment surfaces that can replace muriatic, phosphoric and nitric acid cleaners. The phosphate-free MCI Super Remover uses low-pH organic salt to replace traditional mineral and organic acids. The product is biodegradable and is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a non-food inert ingredient in biocide applications, the company says. MCI Super Remover is non-fuming and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), so it is safer both for the environment and for humans than the caustic cleaners it replaces, the company notes. It is designed to cause no damage to uncoated glass surfaces, fiberglass and rubber, as well surfaces coated with aliphatic urethane paint. It is suitable for cleaning drum mixers, construction equipment, batching plant equipment, water treatment facilities and others. — Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minn.