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July 2013

Address thermal challenges in electronics with these materials

The TC-5622 and TC-5351 Thermally Conductive Compounds are designed for electronics applications in many markets including transportation, semiconductors, power electronics, solid-state lighting, data centers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Using these compounds can aid in maintaining the long-term performance and reliability of equipment. Boasting low specific gravity and high bulk thermal conductivity, TC-5622 offers high-quality thermal performance and improved stability against hardening or dry-out in end-use applications. TC-5622 also exhibits low thermal resistance in both thin and thicker bond line thickness (BLT) applications that demand high heat dissipation. Formulated with high viscosity, TC-5351 is well suited for applications demanding resistance to high temperatures and large gap thicknesses as well as vertical applications requiring a thermal material able to remove heat without flowing out of the gap or changing viscosity as temperatures rise. — Dow Corning, Midland, Mich.

This process monitor offers several display options

Designed for monitoring flowrate, total, limit, batch and ratio measurements, the MX 9000 Process Monitor can also report pressure, temperature, and information from other devices with analog signals that can be monitored. The MX 9000 comes installed with new plug-in option boards, backlit display with color-coded indicator and a USB port. The backlit display’s red, green and blue color-coding also allows for alarm indication visibility. The display board facilitates multiple display modes and variable-programming options with its graphic LCD module and four push-buttons. The board can be customized for special projects or applications and an optionboard slot allows for features such as relay outputs, networking, voltage/current inputs, and frequency outputs. — AW-Lake Company, Franksville, Wisc.

Quickly homogenize solids with this drum mixer

The Ploughshare batch mixer FKM 2000 is designed for the preparation of bulk material. The low-maintenance mixer provides short mixing times while achieving the best mixing quality, as well as high batch-to-batch reproducibility, says the company. The mixer operates on the company’s mechanically generated turbulent fluidized-bed process. In the horizontal, cylindrical drum of the FKM 2000, the Ploughshare shovels on the shaft rotate as mixing elements. The powdery, granular or fibrous materials are subjected to a three-dimensional movement and the entire product is constantly mixed, quickly and accurately. The FKM mixer series has machines available with drum capacities from 130 to 30,000 L. — Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, Paderborn, Germany

Pallets that stack now in different colors

This manufacturer of plastic pallets and bins is now offering its light, nestable quarter pallet, the Nest D1, in a variety of colors, which can be matched to a company’s color. With dimensions of 600 x 400 x 140 mm and a weight of only 1 kg, the pallet is easy to use at the point of sale. The Nest D1 can carry a dynamic load of up to 250 kg. It has a nesting height of only 45 mm, which permits dense packing of empty pallets and thus reduces freight costs, says the manufacturer. — Cabka GmbH, Weira, Germany

This device turns bags on palletizer machines

The twin-belt turning device allows for palletizing of bags filled with bulk material in a more gentle way than before. An alternative to existing clamp-style turning devices, the new device works with two separately driven belt conveyors. By applying a differential speed between both belts, bags to be palletized are turned by 90 deg (in special cases, also 180 deg). The twin-belt turning device is used with the company’s paletpac high-capacity palletizer, which has a stack height of up to 2,400 mm. — Beumer Group GmbH & Co. KG, Beckum, Germany

Use this vertical blender for low-shear mixing or vacuum drying

This company’s vertical blenders are used for low-shear blending and vacuum drying. Compared to other blender varieties, vertical blenders are gentler, allowing for mixing of powders, pellets, granules and fibers in delicate and abrasive conditions. In vacuum drying operation, the blenders can accommodate slurries, wet cakes, pastes and flowable solids. Requiring only low heat to drive off moisture or solvents, vacuum drying in a vertical blender dries heat-sensitive materials without risk of thermal degradation, while also consuming less energy. The blender features a mechanical arm that rotates an auger around the conical vessel. The auger turns on its own axis. Spray nozzles may be installed for liquid addition and coating purposes. — Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y.

Overmolded cordset is alternative to field-wireable connectors

New overmolded valve plug cordsets from this company provide connectivity in harsh environments, as the overmolded face eliminates the need for an additional sealing gasket. Featuring a translucent molding material with embedded LEDs, these cordsets provide visibility for power indication from any angle with black, grey, yellow and clear coloring options to accommodate diverse applications. These fully assembled cordsets require no wiring prior to use. Fully factory tested, the cordsets conform to both NEMA #1,#3,#4, #6P and IEC IP67 standards, as well as meeting the EN 17 5301-803 standard for electrical connectors which service pressure sensors and hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves. — Turck, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

Draw, view and share molecular structures in realtime

New ChemDraw and Chem3D apps for iPad tablets provide mobile access to robust molecular drawing and viewing tools for use in education, R&D and publishing. The apps feature the unique Flick-to-Share tool, which gives users the ability to rapidly share molecular structures across mobile devices, eliminating the need for emails and cloud storage services. Chem3D is a molecular viewer app where scientists can explore structures in three dimensions by using the touchscreen to rotate, expand and contract models for a clearer display of spatial properties. Chem3D can display 3-D models of proteins, DNA, crystals and assemblies in many formats, such as ball-and-stick, wireframe, space-filling and cartoon. — PerkinElmer, Inc., Waltham, Mass.

Protect inventory and machinery with this leak diverter kit

The recently introduced Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit provides a fast response to roof and pipe leaks. It catches nuisance leaks by diverting them to a floor drain or collection container. Complete with a discharge hose and fittings, the Quick Deploy can be installed by simply hooking the handle over a pipe or ceiling truss. Pinched corners help funnel liquid toward the center of the diverter for better drainage. The included PVC drain hose channels the captured liquid to a collection container, drain or other containment device. The Quick Deploy is vinyl-coated for strength and flexibility and resists punctures, ultraviolet light and mildew. — New Pig Corp., Tipton, Pa.

This flow transmitter provides high signal strength

The EFT10 Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter measures all types of conductive liquids, including those used for applications in mining, slurries, waste, and low-conductivity media. The EFT10 provides bidirectional flow signal and combines the pulse hybrid method of coil excitation with digital communications. Customizable with keyboard programming, the transmitter features a 10-year memory, batch control, and a scalable pulse-frequency output. Combining the EFT10 with this company’s UniMag flow tube provides a useful option for measuring low-conductivity liquids due to its ultra-stable flow signal-to-media noise ratio. — Spirax Sarco, Inc., Blythewood, S.C.

This controller gives dual options for setting in the field

The very compact 5R1-1400 a.c. Temperature Controller can deliver up to 15 A of load current from a zero voltage switched, low-noise solid-state relay. Featuring temperature resolution of 0.1C, the 5R1-1400 exhibits an ambient operating range of –20 to 70°C. The controller has options for integrated potentiometers (for set temperature and process-integral control) and PC-programmable logic (for set temperature and process-integral-derivative control). The set temperature range is determined by thermistor type. Accessories for the 5R1-1400 include temperature sensors, flange mount and a USB interface cable. — Oven Industries, Inc., Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Avoid cross-contamination with this lubrication system

This Lubrication Storage and Dispensing System consists of two 65-gal containers and one 130-gal container. Features to the customizable system include three-way product diverter valve assemblies, individual pumping systems, and 10-μm filters. Products are pumped in and out of the system via individual pumping systems, which prevent cross-contamination. The three-way diverter valves, in combination with the individual pumping systems and filters, allow product to be pumped through the filters into the containers, and then pulled back out of the containers through the filters with the transfer units. Product can also be pulled from the containers, cycled through the filters and sent back into the containers. For further protection against product spills, an optional spill-containment system is available. — The IFH Group, Inc., Rock Falls, Ill.

This compact digital heat-trace controller offers versatility

The new ITC Series intelliTRACE controller is designed for line- or ambient-sensing heat trace applications in hazardous (Class I, Division 2) or non-hazardous areas. Available in single- and dual-circuit models, the ITC features a high-resolution display and may be used in either freeze-protection or process-control temperature applications monitoring all process variables both locally and remotely. The ITC is a microprocessor-based system with solid-state-relay power control, selectable soft-start program, current load, dual resistance-temperature-detectors (RTD) sensor input for each circuit, and ground fault equipment-protection monitoring. There are three user-selectable control modes available on the ITC: manual, off or auto. The ITC’s compact enclosure facilitates electrical connections for the heating cable, the a.c. power, and the RTD sensors. This controller may be used with constant wattage, mineral-insulated or self-regulating heat-trace cables. — Chromalox, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.