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August 2013

Address thermal challenges in electronics with these materials

The TC-5622 and TC-5351 Thermally Conductive Compounds are designed for electronics applications in many markets, including transportation, semiconductors, power electronics, solid-state lighting, data centers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. Using these compounds can aid in maintaining the long-term performance and reliability of equipment. Boasting low specific gravity and high bulk-thermal conductivity, TC-5622 offers high-quality thermal performance and improved stability against hardening or dry-out in end-use applications. TC-5622 also exhibits low thermal resistance in both thin and thicker bond line thickness (BLT) applications that demand high heat dissipation. Formulated with high viscosity, TC-5351 is well suited for applications demanding resistance to high temperatures and large gap thicknesses, as well as vertical applications requiring a thermal material able to remove heat without flowing out of the gap or changing viscosity as temperatures rise. — Dow Corning, Midland, Mich.

Overmolded cordset is alternative to field-wireable connectors

New overmolded valve plug cordsets from this company provide connectivity in harsh environments, as the overmolded face eliminates the need for an additional sealing gasket. Featuring a translucent molding material with embedded LEDs, these cordsets provide visibility for power indication from any angle with black, grey, yellow and clear coloring options to accommodate diverse applications. These fully assembled cordsets require no wiring prior to use. Fully factory tested, the cordsets conform to both NEMA #1,#3,#4, #6P and IEC IP67 standards, as well as meeting the EN 17 5301-803 standard for electrical connectors that service pressure sensors and hydraulic and pneumatic solenoid valves. — Turck, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

This unit simultaneously scrubs gas and particulate matter

The Series 6500 Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a high-velocity spray and scrubbing liquid flow to achieve simultaneous removal of gaseous contaminants and particulate matter as small as 0.75 μm. Standard gas capacity is 5–60,000 ft3/min. Featuring a high liquid-to-gas ratio, this scrubber is appropriate for applications such as temperature reduction of highly exothermic reactive gases, steam condensation and operations involving large variations in gas volume. Offered as a standalone device, additional accessories are available, including proprietary multi-spray zone staging and polishing packed tower, complimented by a full range of mist eliminator and sump tank capacities. Pre-engineered skid-mounted system arrangements are also available. — Bionomic Industries, Inc., Mahwah, N.J.

These permeation tubes blend high-pressure gases

The Trace Source 57 Series refillable, gas-fed permeation tubes are used for preparing trace mixtures containing atmospheric gases, light hydrocarbons, hydrides, acid gases and dilute multi-component mixtures. These permeation tubes can employ analyte compounds, such as high-pressure gases (O­­2, CO, CO2 and CH4) as the permeate source. Usage of controlled-pressure analyte vapor as the permeate source allows for permeation of low-boiling compounds. Mixtures at the parts-per-million and parts-per-billion levels can be directly blended from pure gases with these tubes. — Kin-Tek Laboratories, Inc., La Marque, Tex.

Precise pressure regulation in a small-footprint design

The Model 55 polymer pressure regulator provides high-precision pressure control within a lightweight, compact package. Manufactured entirely from polymer and stainless steel, the small-footprint Model 55 offers compatibility with gases such as nitrogen, helium and oxygen. The regulator features a non-rising stem and a patent-pending Venturi design. Applications for this regulator include precision pressure-decay and leak-testing, medical ventilators, respiratory diagnostic systems, balloon pumps and sterilization equipment. Featuring a supply capacity up to 10 bars and and flow capacity up to 280 L/min, the Model 55 precisely controls output pressure up to 0.7 bars, even with fluctuating or rapidly decreasing supply pressure. The regulator also operates accurately at low control pressures of 0.5 bars or less. — Rotork Fairchild, Winston-Salem, N.C.

Use this power lift for loads up to 6,000 lb.

This company’s power lift unit is useful for applications including material lifts, low-speed mixing purposes, packaging machinery, conveyors for a high-value product and also as a control for batch or continuous processes, such as baking or heat-treating. The unit has a rigid, double-decker chassis design that includes thick aluminum plates and durable fasteners. The power unit also features a brake that holds the motor without power, as well as a gearbox in a sealed unit. With a chain drive rated for a more than 6,000-lb capacity, the power design keeps load output from moving. Operating on a low-current 24-V dc power supply, the device has an emergency stop switch and a battery backup allowing for at least five minutes of full-load operation. — Butler Transmission, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Use this pressure sensor with very viscous media

The new Model 427 Wing Union/Hammer Union pressure sensor provides a wide and shallow sensing port that facilitates the flow of viscous fluids. The sensor’s one-piece design and stainless-steel construction allow for quick installation and durability, even with abrasive or corrosive media. Featuring ±0.2% accuracy, the sensor detects small changes in pressure for applications such as drilling, mud pumping, fracturing, cementing and acidizing. Giving personnel the ability to quickly adjust flow pressure, potentially dangerous conditions such as the emergence of gas bubbles are decreased. Multiple electrical connections are available. — Honeywell International,Inc., Morristown, N.J.

This high viscosity medical-grade epoxy is optically clear

Master Bond UV10TKMed is a medical-grade high-viscosity ultraviolet (UV) system for effective bonding, sealing and coating. This one-part system is optically clear and has a very high glass-transition temperature that exceeds 140°C. It resists repeated sterilization, including radiation, ethylene oxide, chemical sterilants and autoclaving. UV10TKMed’s service temperature ranges from –60°F to 450°F. It combines dimensional stability with low shrinkage upon curing. The system is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. This UV system has a shelf life of 6 months in original, unopened containers with no exposure to light. It is available in syringe applicators, as well as containers ranging from ½ pint up to 5 gal. — Master Bond, Inc., Hackensack, N.J.

Use this exchanger for heat recovery with corrosive media

The Diabon S15 plate heat exchanger provides efficient heat transfer in a corrosion-resistant environment, suitable for use with corrosive media up to 200°C. It is constructed from Diabon graphite material, which is a dense, synthetic resin-impregnated graphite with a fine pore structure. Combining high turbulence and countercurrent flow, the Diabon S15 maximizes heat recovery, yielding energy savings. Designed to reduce maintenance, the exchanger features accessible plates and a special plate pattern that reduces fouling. The S15 is larger than other heat exchanger types, with the potential to replace several shell-and-tube or block exchangers. — Alfa Laval, Lund, Sweden

Wireless capability simplifies level and interface monitoring

The Rosemount 3308 Wireless Guided-Wave-Radar (GWR) transmitter is designed for continuous level and interface monitoring in remote locations where installing cable is costly or impractical. GWR transmitters are used for process level measurement in vessels and storage tanks in refineries, oil fields, offshore petroleum platforms, chemical and industrial plants. Top-mounted for direct level and interface measurement, the Rosemount 3308 is virtually unaffected by changing process conditions, such as density, conductivity, temperature and pressure. The transmitter has no moving parts, thus minimizing calibration and maintenance needs. Costs are further reduced when compared to wired transmitters since there is no need for cabling, trenching, conduit runs or cable trays. — Emerson Process Management, St. Louis, Mo.

These external spray nozzles provide precise flow control

This company’s new external spray mix nozzles atomize fluids in various spray patterns for a wide range of uses, especially in applications requiring high liquid volumes or viscous liquids (up to 800 cP). Available in a round or flat pattern, these external mix nozzles combine liquid and compressed air to create a coating of liquid. Liquid and airflow are controlled independently, providing precise liquid flow. Constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance, these nozzles are useful in painting, coating, cooling and treating a variety of products. — Exair Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio

These hose assemblies offer greater vacuum resistance

This company’s heavy-wall convoluted hose assemblies can handle vacuum applications in temperatures up to 500F. These hoses’ thicker PTFE walls provide improved vacuum resistance at high temperatures as well as greater kink resistance and reduced permeation. The PTFE core also serves to reduce friction, effectively minimizing pressure drops and deposits. Manufactured in sizes from ½- to 4-in. I.D., stainless-steel or polypropylene braids are available. Additional accessories include fire sleeves, spring guards, heat-shrink for color-coding and static dissipative assemblies. — Parker Hannifin Corp., Cleveland, Ohio

This water sorption analyzer features large temperature range

The Aquadyne DVS-2HT precision water sorption analyzer (photo) is capable of analysis temperatures from 10 to 85°C. This analyzer measures the amount of water vapor a sample can adsorb, and the rate at which it is adsorbed and desorbed. The instruments’ precision microbalances are located inside the temperature-controlled housing, providing a high level of sensitivity and reproducibility. The DVS-2HT’s high temperature range makes this model appropriate for simulating real-world conditions of a product’s exposure to moisture over time, especially in fuel cell and building material applications. — Quantachrome Instruments, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Purify non-metallic ores with these magnetic separators

New Wet High-Intensity Magnetic Separators (Whims) provide maximum recovery on even weakly magnetic materials. Whims separate weakly and moderately magnetic minerals and can remove impurities from non-metallic minerals. Typical applications include hematitic iron ore, metallic ores, rare earth ores and more. These separators simplify operation and maintenance with features such as direct water-cooling, no-step motion, air-assisted discharge for less water usage and drier concentrate, as well as vertical upside-down washing to clean the entrainment matrix, reducing clogging. Whims are available in a number of models and sizes. — Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa.

Use this explosion-proof LED lamp in hazardous locations

The EHL-LED-230X24LV-300 Explosion-Proof Hand Lamp is designed for rugged use with an aluminum lamp body and globe guard, impact-resistant bulb cover, and rubber housing bumpers for added protection. The high-output LED lamp runs on low-voltage 12– or 24–Volt current supplied by an inline transformer and offers international 230–V d.c. operating capability. The risk of accidental burns is greatly reduced due to the lamp’s cooler operation when compared to typical incandescent bulbs. This lamp is also impervious to shattering and blowout when dropped. The lamp includes a long-reaching 300-ft cord, which comes without an attached plug, allowing operators to match plugs to the design of local outlets. — Larson Electronics, LLC., Dallas, Tex.

Use these plastic flow switches in very tight spaces

The FS-120 Series of mini plastic flow switches are designed for use with water and water-based solutions and can handle high-volume applications. Weighing only five ounces, the compact switches are suitable for space-constrained applications, such as coolant or chemical monitoring in portable equipment. As the switch points are calibrated based on water flow, other liquids may require field-testing. Constructed of plastic and stainless steel, the switches feature an operating temperature range of –17 to 107°C. Setpoint differential is 20% maximum and setpoint accuracy is ±15% maximum. — Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, Conn.

A portable pressure calibrator with diverse measuring ranges

The new CA700 Portable Pressure Calibrator features many functions including a variety of measuring ranges, as-found/as-left data storage and memory capacity to store calibration procedures. Equipped with a silicon resonant sensor, the CA700 provides a calibration and verification tool for pressure or differential pressure transmitters and other types of field devices for commissioning or regular inspection. This calibrator can also generate and measure both current and voltage. Maintenance is streamlined through the calibrator’s ability to store and record data and error rates, allowing for analysis of device performance and service requirements. The CA700 is available in three different models. — Yokogawa Corp. of America, Sugar Land, Tex.