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April 2014

Vacuum conveyors with updated interactive transfer systems

The VS Series Multijector vacuum conveyor can transfer materials at a wide range of flowrates — from as little as 10 lb/h to as much as 12,000 lb/h over distances up to 200 ft, when used with a level-controlled buffer hopper. Used for the transfer of powders, granules, pellets, capsules, tablet or food particles under vacuum conditions, these conveyors can supply many types of process equipment on demand. An interactive, enclosed transfer system gives these conveyors important advantages in the transfer of difficult or sensitive materials. The cyclic vacuum plug-flow conveying arrangement prevents product separation or segregation. — Volkmann Inc., Bristol, Pa.

Couple many components, even those with dissimilar shafts

This company’s line of rigid couplings are offered in one-, two- and three-piece designs, with a variety of configurations and sizes for connecting virtually any type of pump, mixer or drive shaft. All designs can incorporate straight- or stepped-bores for mating dissimilar shafts. Machined from high-temperature alloys, stainless steel or aluminum, these couplings are available in diameters from 1 to 6 in., with or without keyways, which can be formed to customer specifications. — Stafford Manufacturing Corp., Wilmington, Mass.


A mass flow controller with no moving parts or bypass

The T23 mass flow controller contains no moving parts and has no obstructions to the flow path, making them capable of performing in applications where there is very low pressure drop. With minimal sensitivity to moisture and particulate matter, the T23 works on the basis of direct through-flow measurement with no bypass. The meter’s electronic housing is water- and dust-proof. The T23’s updated design features an integrated direct operating valve that can handle a wide range of high gas flowrates. — Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, Ruurlo, the Netherlands

Continue signal transmission, even after loop-power failure

The LPD series of loop-powered bargraphs, available in vertical or horizontal configurations, can be installed in parallel as a replacement for analog loop meters. In the event of loop failure, the meter will flash its display for approximately 20 seconds and then transmit an isolated Serial I/O for data recording and recovery. Only 2 in. deep, the meter can be installed into industry-standard panels. The meters come with a plastic or metal (aluminum-nickel plated) case to ensure performance in harsh environments. In addition, LPD meters are also available in nuclear grades. — Otek Corp., Tucson, Ariz.

A bright, violet LED provides contrast and precision for leaks

The OLK-441 Leak Detection Kit is designed for use with hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, gearboxes and fuel systems. The kit includes the Opti-Lux 400, a flashlight that features a high-output violet light-emitting diode (LED), allowing for precise detection of fluid leaks through the illumination of fluorescent dyes. The violet light provides more contrast than standard blue inspection lamps, allowing for easier detection, says the company. The inspection range for the flashlight is up to 25 ft. The kit’s other components include a bottle of patented concentrated fluorescent dye, a spray bottle of dye cleaner, a charger, dye-treatment tags and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. These components come packed in a compact carrying case. — Spectronics Corp., Westbury, N.Y.

These manometers feature extended service intervals

The a-Baratron Capacitance Manometer has a high tolerance to ambient temperature changes. Internally heated to 45, 80 or 100°C, this manometer offers full-scale measurement ranges from 0.1 to 1,000 Torr, and service intervals that are up to four times longer than previous models, says the company. Its all-digital architecture and new sensor-heating system contribute to longterm reliability. Corrosion-resistant, due to its nickel-alloy construction, these manometers can be flexibly configured for many existing or new processing systems. — MKS Instruments, Andover, Mass.

These compressors have new energy-saving features

The SFC 30 and SFC 30S compressors are variable-drive rotary screw compressors with updated specific-power features, including a direct-drive design, premium efficiency motors, lower internal pressure differentials and optimized screw elements. Built-in heat-recovery options provide further energy savings. Other new features on these compressors include enhanced cooling systems, integral moisture separators (with drain), and electronic thermal management. The SFC 30S has a flow range of 37–171 ft3/min at 125 psig and is available with pressures up to 190 psig. The SFC 30 has a flow range of 47–202 ft3/min at 125 psig, with pressures up to 217 psig. — Kaeser Kompressoren SE, Coburg, Germany

Use this flowmeter to optimize air-gas ratio in burners

The ST75 Air/Gas Flowmeter measures fuel gas, process gas, inert gas, waste gases and air in a variety of small line sizes. Designed to optimize air-gas ratio for control of burners in boilers, ovens and heaters, this flowmeter provides three outputs; the mass flowrate, the totalized flow and the media temperature, allowing users to monitor and control fuel and air requirements. The ST74 is designed for small line sizes (0.25–2 in. diameter), making it useful in a wide variety of industries, including chemical processing, electric power, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors. Offering direct-flow measurement with thermal dispersion technology, the ST75 eliminates the need for additional pressure and temperature sensors or flow computers. There are also no orifices or inlets to clog or foul, significantly reducing scheduled maintenance and unplanned shutdowns. — Fluid Components International LLC, San Marcos, Calif.

These stackers are designed with ergonomics in mind

The PowerStak line of compact fully powered stackers have been updated with new ergonomic features. The units are built on a short, stable wheelbase to enhance maneuverability, even in tight quarters. An ergonomically designed handle puts all controls within operator reach for comfort and convenience. Forward- and reverse-drive thumb switches are located on both sides of the handle to accommodate either left- or right-hand operation. The unit’s narrow mast and offset control handle ensure a clear forward view, with virtually no blind spots. An automatic brake halts travel when the drive/steering handle is released. Other features include a reduced-speed capability for more precise positioning and new component arrangement for better heat dissipation. The equipment’s maximum load capacity is 2,200 lb, with a maximum lift height ranging from 62 to 150 in. — Presto Lifts Inc., Norton, Mass.

Melt materials in drums or totes with this versatile oven

The Sahara Hot Room Model S32 oven can quickly melt materials in drums or totes. Capable of heating 32 drums on pallets (or eight totes), the Sahara Hot Room S32 can use saturated steam (up to 200 psig), hot oil or hot water as the heating medium. Fully insulated, this steel-constructed oven is forklift-portable and includes built-in spill containment. The heating capability of each oven is designed based on users’ needs, with optional features available, such as air circulation, exhaust system capabilities and digital temperature control. — Benko Products, Sheffield Village, Ohio