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July 2014

Focus on Automation and Control
Honeywell Process Solutions

Ergonomic design, improved display reduces operator fatigue

The Experion Orion Console is an advanced display technology that builds on this company’s flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform. The console features a large flexible, ultra-high definition display that provides clear status assessments of process operations in a single glance for better and more informed management. This flexibility also enables operators to customize displays for context-specific process issues, and incorporates advanced alarm management and pan-and-zoom capabilities. Limits and targets are directly integrated into overview displays, allowing operation of the process closer to the optimum and allowing operators an increased scope of responsibility across the industrial facility. The console has a mobile tablet that also reduces operator fatigue by allowing personnel to move about the control room more freely than before. When paired with wireless-enabled mobile technologies, the system also allows operators to view the same displays on hand-held devices in other areas of the plant. — Honeywell Process Solutions, Houston


NK Technologies

A current transducer and switch combined in a single package

The new ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current-operated switch and a transducer in a single package. The new design features a built-in digital display that provides a quick visual indication of where the contact changes, making setpoint adjustments easy and accurate. These sensors provide a solid-state contact that changes state when the current exceeds an adjustable level or falls below the normal running current. ATS current-operated sensors are advantageous over electromechanical pressure or flow devices because they prove more reliable electronic proof-of-operation, while eliminating the need for multiple pipe or duct penetrations, says the company. — NK Technologies, San Jose, Calif.



This barrier has twelve outputs with diagnostics and monitoring

The new FieldConnex FieldBarrier has features that offer reliable protection against typical fault scenarios to ensure maximum reliability. FieldConnex FieldBarriers can detect the special dynamics of faults, such as loose contacts or contact bounces. As a result, faults can be identified and isolated both quickly and reliably. The new component is the first to allow monitoring of the physical layer at each FieldBarrier output. This enables gradual changes in the installation and faults in the control room to be reported. Another feature is the sophisticated load management. The twelve outputs start sequentially, reducing the load on the power supply from the inrush current. The FieldBarrier self-monitoring function can transmit alarm signals to the control room. — Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH, Mannheim, Germany



Software enhancements for this plant-resource manager

Plant Resource Manager (PRM) is a software package that is capable of centrally managing large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment, thereby allowing their status to be monitored and diagnosed online. With PRM R3.12, self-diagnostic information is now displayed in a more intuitive, easy-to-understand format based on the Namur NE107 recommendations, and network functions have been enhanced for upstream oil-and-gas applications. This new version of PRM also offers enhanced network functionality, including improved support of wireless and satellite communications for upstream oil-and-gas applications. — Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, Ga.


Rockwell Automation

A flexible relay solution that simplifies safety implementation

Users can program the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay through the company’s free Connected Components Workbench software. This software reduces programming time and helps increase productivity by allowing users to create, control and monitor a safety system in the same software environment as their standard control. The Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay meets PLe, SIL 3 per EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 requirements. It is ideal for applications requiring four to nine safety circuits and control of up to five zones. With 22 on-board safety I/O points, including six configurable I/O, the relay is suitable for applications requiring multiple safety zones. — Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee, Wisc.


Moore Industries-International

These transmitters now feature a switch-selectable output

A new version of the IPH2/IPX2 current-to-pressure (I/P) transmitter features updated certifications, as well as 22 direct and reverse output ranges, with switch-selectable reverse output standard on the IPX2. Another new feature on the IPX2 is a removable electronics module. In certain abnormal conditions, a liquid “slug” can enter the air or gas supply of the IPX2. The removable electronics module speeds the recovery process by allowing the liquid to drain more efficiently. The two-wire (loop-powered) IPH2 and IPX2 accept a current signal from a distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC) or other control system and convert it into a pneumatic signal to provide precise, proportional control of valves, actuators and other pneumatically controlled devices. Both products meet NEMA Type 4X requirements, and the IPX2 can be installed in explosion-proof environments. — Moore Industries-International, Inc., North Hills, Calif.


Mitsubishi Electric Automation

This inverter preforms in any environment

The recently released A800 Series all-in-one variable frequency drive (VFD) combines traditional induction and permanent-magnet motors into a single solution, providing high performance response and energy-efficient motor control. It can be used in both induction motors and next-generation interior permanent motors, and is suitable for both low-performance applications, such as pumps and fans, as well as high-performance industrial applications. A800 VFDs are suitable as replacements for hydraulic-drive systems and gear motors in the process and material handling industries, and as replacements for inefficient motor-drive systems in the food-and-beverage industry. — Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Vernon Hills, Ill.

ICS Electronics

Modernize obsolete controllers with this converter

The Model 2399 is a new ANSI x3.28-to-Modbus RTU converter for controlling RS-232 and RS-485 Modbus RTU devices. This new converter was designed to simplify the replacement of controllers that use the ANSI X3.28 protocol. Many older production systems were designed with controllers that use the ANSI X3.28 protocol. These controllers are now obsolete. Maintenance on them is expensive and time-consuming. Replacing the old controllers with new models has been impractical up to now because the production system would have to be modified to work with a modern Modbus RTU-compatible controller. The 2399 makes the replacement possible without having to make any changes to the production system. — ICS Electronics, Pleasanton, Calif.
Gerald Ondrey